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4 kids and it


The film is based on Jacqueline Wilson’s best-selling contemporary update of the 1902’ classic Five Children and It by E. Nesbit. New couple Alice and David take their less than enthusiastic children on a family holiday in a Cornwall cottage to meet each other for the first time. The holiday takes an unexpected turn when the kids discover a magical (and very grumpy!) Psammead (Caine) on the local beach, a creature with the power to grant wishes which lasts until sunset. They also meet local oddball Tristan (Brand), who wants to capture the Psammead for his own gain.

The ensuing adventure brings the new siblings together and teaches them to accept their parents’  new- found happiness. 

4 kids and it



Meet the Family  

Ashley Aufderheide as Samantha "Smash" Trent

Alice's ten-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. Smash longs to get attention so misbehaves. 

Teddie Malleson-Allen as Ros Trent

Rosalind's eight-year-old brother who loves animals. 

Billy Jenkins as Robbie Trent

David and Alice's three-year-old daughter who is little and cute, and is keen on the Psammead whom she calls monkey. 

Ellie-Mae Siame as Maudie Trent

A quick-witted eleven-year-old. She is the oldest of the children.