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Translucia jointly invested with Infofed

Translucia, the founder and developer of the world-class Metaverse Center under T&B Media Global Thailand Company Limited, jointly invested with Infofed Company Limited (Infofed), an e-sports business startup who established Thailand eSports Arena, the first e-sports stadium in Thailand to help drive startups like Infofed to grow as a leader in e-sports business in Southeast Asia With this venture, Translucia becomes Infofed's major shareholder. This will not only help Infofed get the funding to expand the team's development to the next level. It will also help Translucia integrate the region's leading esports startups into the Translucia Metaverse universe.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global Thailand and Founder of Translucia, said that Translucia saw an opportunity to participate in the development of potential Thai startups to grow. It is also an opportunity to contribute to the development of the Thai e-sports industry to move further into the region and ready to help continue the trend of e-sports to be able to connect to the popular digital worlds like GameFi, NFT and complete metaverse. Therefore, it is an important part to create an e-sports community in Translucia's metaverse to support the entry of key target groups like Gen Z and Alpha in this metaverse hub.

“The partnership between Translucia and Infofed has a common goal of driving the full development of esports business into the metaverse world and increasing the economic value of the gaming industry in supporting potential startup businesses. Therefore, Translucia Ventures was established to look for investment opportunities in potential startups. and can be a part of helping to complete the Metaverse Translucia Center," said Dr. Jwanwat.

Mr. Jirayot Theppipit, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infofed Co., Ltd. revealed that Infofed has successfully closed the historic deal of e-sports and metaverse by Translucia, the developer of Metaverse Center. world class have invested in Infofed through subsidiary Translucia Ventures

“Translucia's investment in Infofed reflects Translucia's confidence in the future growth prospects of the esports business as well as the potential, vision and objectives of Infofed's business operations. Translucia's investment is a synergistic synergy between the world's leading metaverse developer and leading esports business with a common goal to develop the e-sports industry into the metaverse world and together to build the strength of the Thai e-sports industry to become a leader in Southeast Asia. This is an important goal for Infofed and Translucia's business operations,” added Mr. Jirayot.

The two companies also have a joint plan to build a fully integrated e-sports booth camp to build a strong e-sports community and build Thailand into an e-sports hub in Southeast Asia. which requires both investment and support

In addition, both partners has also collaborated to develop the e-sports business into metaverse and develop a community that will participate in creating various experiences for users. While the main mission of Infofed is to develop people and teams to become a leader in the e-sports business including building an e-sports community at the regional level.

As well as acting to bring e-sports business applications into other businesses through adjusting the format of activities in accordance with the needs of those businesses, such as organizing e-sports competitions manage athletes and streamers as well as creating variety shows that are creative and easy to access. These activities will have the main target group of Gen Z and Alpha. It is expected to create more than 1,000,000 user groups through various communities by 2023.

For the medium term plan, Infofed plans to expand and develop as a leader in e-sports business. to become a company that is ready to drive the Gen Z and Alpha community in Southeast Asia ready to create and upgrade a standardized learning curriculum Recognized in the region, aiming to be a Transportation Hub, bringing community groups to Translucia so that they can participate in activities in both the real world and the metaverse world.

Infofed has started its business since 2015 as a leader in virtual reality content presentation technology in Thailand (Virtual Reality Content) and developing its business into the e-sports industry. with the goal of elevating the e-sports competition to a global stage By promoting careers related to the e-sports industry, including the creation of Thailand eSports Arena, E-Arena and the eSports Academy & eSports Bootcamp project To develop important knowledge for racers and streamers in the ever-growing e-sports industry. Create opportunities for young people to earn income from their careers. by bringing technology to add value to the domestic economy.



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