Release Date:

2011 (Thailand)


Animation / Adventure / Comedy

2011 | Animated TV Series

Flying with Byrd

When the adventure begins

Flying with Byrd is an animated TV series developed in association with Grammy Entertainment, Thailand’s largest media and entertainment company, featuring the country’s biggest sensation and national treasure, Thongchai McIntyre. It tells the story of a popstar, Byrd, guiding a colorful group of perky and adventurous friends through time and space, searching for the lost musical notes of the universe. Each episode introduces elements of musical appreciation and theory in fun and entertaining ways.

Release Date:

2011 (Thailand)


Animation / Adventure / Comedy

Fun and inspiring

The series is fun, upbeat, inspiring and casually educational (but NEVER preachy) - stressing themes of friendship, curiosity, teamwork and making the world a better and more peaceful place for all.

Character Design


BYRD serves as adventurer, teacher, mentor, scientist, entertainer and guide to the show’s lively cast. He is wise, funny, kind, mischievous, somewhat self-deprecating and always helpful to his young friends.


Squawky is BYRD’s opinionated, outspoken but ultimately lovable parrot. Squawky has an opinion on everything and is unquestionably the most outrageous character on the show.

Jamie - Caucasian

Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Jamie is an American video game wiz who is a genius at math. He's very much an every guy's guy who loves sports, exploring and hanging out with his friends. He loves riding his skateboard and never looks for trouble, but it always seems to find him!

Derrick - Black

Derrick is a brilliant science wiz who likes to look at things logically – but he also has a mischievous streak within him. He and Jamie love to compete with each other – but in a friendly, brotherly sort of way. He always carries his “Blooberry” (A Blackberry-iPhone-like device, shaped like a grapefruit-sized blueberry) with him, which often comes in handy when their adventures start.

Lily - Caucasian

Lily is very beautiful and knows it. She thinks she can charm her way out of any situation and that usually works – on boys. She loves being the center of attention and knows she is “all that”. She’s very athletic, a gymnast-in-training and a good dancer. She’s a bit too self-absorbed but still, very clever.

DANIELA - Latina

“Dani” is quick-witted, naturally pretty, and eager to help; the sort of friend you can always count on in a pinch. She is interested in learning different languages. She and Lily are friends, but it bugs Dani how Lily uses flirtation to get her way. Dani prefers competition: She’s sure she can do anything as well as a guy - if not better.

HYUN – Asian

Hyun is a bright, good-looking boy with a mischievous streak a mile long. He loves to learn about a history of the cities in which he is travelling. Whereas he’s probably the brightest of all the kids, he likes to look for the “easy way out” of predicaments -- which usually results in making things ten times more troublesome. He’s the youngest of a family of brothers, all of whom are brilliant.

SONG – Asian

Song comes off somewhat serious and quiet. She is a new kid in school who joins the gang around episode 7. She loves music, but simply can’t find an instrument to play. She’s afraid this will keep her out of the gang – but then it is discovered that she has a gorgeous singing voice. Whereas Lily uses her charm, and Dani her “one-of-the-boys” do-anything-to-make-it-work outlook, Song is someone who seems shy but is very, very strong.


He is the evil villain (in the campiest sense of the word) who is out to foil BYRD's plans. His maniacal plan is to eliminate music from the world, bringing "dis-chord" (see what we did there?) to the universe.


Every evil mastermind needs henchmen, and Treblemaker and Bass are that, and then some. As their names suggest, Treblemaker is very tall, reed-thin, and has a very high voice while Bass is short, squat, tough, and has a voice that is very DEEP and LOW. Like Laurel and Hardy, these two are more dangerous to each other than they are to the world at large.