Release Date:

2008 (Thailand)

2009 (U.S)

2016 (Bhutan)


Animation / Adventure / Comedy

2008 | Animated TV Series


A fun and adventurous journey to an underwater world awaits you!

A young Yoka Star Sea Snail named Shelldon, along with his friends Herman and Connie, learn important life lessons like growing pains, the importance of friendships and protecting the earth's marine environments through their exciting adventures together. Shelldon is a global sensation having aired in over 180 countries and translated into over thirty languages.

Release Date:

2008 (Thailand)

2009 (U.S)

2016 (Bhutan)


Animation / Adventure / Comedy

Wholesome Entertainment for the Whole Family

Shelldon is a family-friendly animated TV series that incorporates positive values into its stories. Children ages 4-8 thoroughly enjoy Shelldon, but through its brand of humor, Shelldon has broad appeal for all ages.

Character Design


Shelldon is an enthusiastic dreamer and is filled with imagination, wonder and a sense of adventure. He wants to explore his world, both inside and outside of Shell Land. He is the leader of the Shello Polo Undercover Discoverer's Club, and his best friends are Herman and Connie. When he is not attending school or hanging out with his friends, Shelldon spends much of his time planning his next adventure at his coral tree house headquarters.


When Shelldon first moved to Shell Land, Herman became the first friend he made and has been his best friend ever since. Herman and his mom run the Jolly Roger, a scrap yard at the edge of town.


Connie admires Shellon for his adventurous spirit, but having been brought up in the lap of luxury, she has to push herself beyond her comfort zone to explore the world with Shelldon while on their adventures. Even though they have different childhood experiences and upbringing, when it comes to being friends, Connie, Shelldon and Herman are birds of a feather, or snails of a shell... You know what we mean!

Papa Clam

Papa Clam is a proud, emotionally-invested father to Shelldon, his beloved adopted son. Papa Clam, on the surface, seems distracted and preoccupied, but that's because he's always trying to keep the truth about Shello Pollo a secret from Shelldon.

Mama Clam

Mama Clam shares the same sense of adventure as her son. Encouraging his sense of discovery, Mama Clam plays a very large role in the exciting life of Shelldon.

Click & Clack

Click and Clack are Shelldon's mischievous younger twin siblings. They both look up to Shelldon and want to go along with him on his adventures, but because they're just too young, they do the next best thing...

Dr. Shell

Dr. Shell is a brilliant yet scatter-brained inventor and a permanent resident of The Charming Clam. His room is filled with all kinds of crazy gadgets and gizmos making it look like a cluttered inventor’s workshop. Dr. Shell is Herman’s mentor, and Herman is constantly seeking Dr. Shell’s advice about how to turn his junk into valuable “eco-friendly” inventions. Dr. Shell was thrilled to learn the truth about Shelldon’s great explorer ancestor, and he’s the only one in Shell Land that doesn’t tease Shelldon about it.

Mrs. Prim

Once a former beauty queen, Mrs. Prim runs the town’s only beauty parlor, Shrimp de Salon. With her clipped British accent and decorous ways, Mrs. Prim is Shell Land’s town gossip. She can’t keep a secret no matter how much she swears she will. When she was cutting Shelldon’s hair she swore she’d never tell anyone that Shelldon’s ancestor was Shello Polo.

Hook, Sam and Mack

(Hook is a yellow regal cichlid; Sam is a sockeye salmon; Mack is a mackerel.)

Hook, Sam and Mack are the heavy-metal bikers of Shell Land. Despite their tough-guy persona, these dumb dudes are really a good-hearted bunch. They’re friends of Shelldon’s, and come to his rescue on occasion. They think his being related to Shello Polo is totally cool, and have even written a theme song for The Shello Polo Undercover Discoverers Club called “Undercover Discoverer”, dedicated to Shelldon. They hate it when people tease Shelldon about his ancestor and are quick to come to his defense, though they’re so dumb they don’t even know who Shello Polo really is. They think he discovered water polo.


Crabby is the grouchy owner of the neighbourhood bookstore. Because he’s worried about his bookstore’s reputation and fears losing customers, he pretends to tease Shelldon about his relation to Shello Polo when customers are around, but in private he admires Shelldon and Shello Polo, and offers Shelldon help with research books, maps, etc. Crabby desperately searches for his own famous relatives, and comes up with silly false examples, like Albert Crabstein and Ludwig von Crabhoven.

Mr. Inky Squid

Mr. Inky Squid is Shelldon and gang’s school teacher, and hapless victim of pranks by some of the naughtier children in his class. He is totally clueless to this nonsense and doesn’t even realize when he’s being made fun of. Mr. Squid loves to teach history, and his favorite subject is debunking Shello Polo, who he believes is a fraud and liar.