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Ahriyavraromp Foundation, Buddharaksa Foundation and LIFEiS Group Donate Ventilators during Covid

Ahriyavraromp Foundation with Buddharaksa Foundation and LIFEiS Community Donate Ventilators during Covid-19 under “Pay It Forward” Initiative

Ahriyavraromp Foundation, in collaboration with Buddharaksa Foundation and LIFEiS Community, held the “Pay It Forward” initiative to donate ventilators to Covid-19 patients during the pandemic from May 26 to July 6, 2021. The ventilators are delivered to hospitals and healthcare providers throughout Thailand with high volumes of Covid-19 patients in the hope of getting through these tough times together.

Due to the medical surge, local hospitals and healthcare providers currently lack ventilators and ‘BiPAP’ machines for treating Covid-19 patients. The equipment is vital for saving lives and could be the last resort for many Covid-19 patients. So far, the “Pay It Forward” initiative has arranged to supply 80 ventilators to a total of 66 hospitals. Net donations total $624,592, used to purchase 53 ‘High Flow’ HFT 700 ventilators, 25 ‘AIRVO 2’ ventilators, and 2 ventilators for patients in a critical condition.

Buddharaksa Foundation, supported by the DTGO group, was founded in 2002. Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, the founder of DTGO, has always been active in helping people in need or lacking opportunities, following the principles of Mr. Dhanin and Mrs. Tawee Chearavanont to combine business achievement with societal contribution. The foundation has been active in philanthropy for two decades. It was officially announced as the 691st public charity on December 30, 2009 by Thailand's Ministry of Finance. The foundation focuses on supporting quality education for children in need and performing social work and religious activities.

LIFEiS Group was founded by a group of individuals from multiple industries and perspectives who share the same goal to power social development in Thailand and build an "Ecosystem of Co-Fulfillment". The principle is to initiate activities that enhance the lives of people at different stages in life, creating reliance, and fostering hope and belief in the community. When everyone in society sees the value in these things, they will be able to spark changes that ripple widely throughout the whole system and establish a new culture that values not only economic growth but also people and sustainable benefits for the system as a whole (impact model).

Ahriyavraromp Foundation, chaired by Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp (Dr. Tan), the CEO and Founder of T&B Media Global, provides scholarships, aids the ill and the elderly, relieves the hardship of those stricken by pandemics and natural disasters, supports medical and public health staff, provides essentials to monks and starving animals, and collaborates with other nonprofits on philanthropic initiatives.

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