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T&B Media Global and Netflix to Release “Tasty Tales of The Food Truckers” on January 19, 2021

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T&B Media Global has announced that its latest animated TV series, “Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers” will be available for streaming on Netflix this January 19. The show targets kids ages 6-9, but all foodies are welcome as the Mayan chocolate, the pizza baked from the vent of a giant volcano and the durian buffet will make just about anyone hungry and thirsty for an adventure.

“Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers” is an adventure-packed animated TV series about three crazy friends who travel the world in their souped-up, sentient food truck seeking out rare ingredients to turn into exotic dishes. Led by “Sonny”, the fearless bear / cook who aspires to be a chef together with “Andi”, the genius problem-solving red panda and “Tong”, the social media savvy monkey influencer, the trio visits countless food destinations in their friendly green food truck, “Julia” to take on culinary challenges. The show will not only make food fun and cooking doable for young children, but it will also teach them about friendship, cultural differences as well as useful English vocabularies about food items, cooking techniques and geography.

Led by T&B Media Global, Shellhut Entertainment and showrunner Dan Clark, the production is a collaboration among international partners around the globe. It received great support from Tiny Island Productions, Singapore with the animation process, Bang Zoom Studios from the United States with special effects, and Boat Rocker Media from Canada with distribution. Behind the scenes, the teams worked 24 hours across time zones to serve up epic, mouthwatering menus right to the audience’s screens.

Foodies can unite and get ready to roam around the world with the gang to legendary food origins such as Scotland for shortbread, Switzerland for truffles, the Netherlands for stinky Limburger cheese to name a few. Join “Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers” to Find It! Cook It! Eat It! on Netflix from January 19 onwards, exclusive for those in ASEAN countries!

Also featured on: Animation World Network (the United States), AnimationXpress (India), Kidscreen (Canada), Klazienaveen (Netherlands)

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