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Exclusive Interview with Mike Angelo, the Amped-Up Explosives Aficionado from "The Misfits"

T&B Media Global invites Thai press and media to an exclusive interview with Mike Angelo, the global sensation and amped-up explosive aficionado from "The Misfits" Film

T&B Media Global (Thailand) who secured the rights to release "The Misfits" film in Thai theaters invites Thai press and media to an exclusive online interview with the Thai heartthrob Mike Pirat or Mike Angelo. Mike stars alongside the legendary Pierce Brosnan in "The Misfits" Hollywood action feature film.

The journey before his first Hollywood film

Mike reveals that he spent a long time proving himself and starring in this first Hollywood production is like a reward for not giving up. "It may have taken time as this was a childhood dream that became a life goal. When it finally came true, it made me feel like continuing in this path." In other words, this is a good opportunity for him to expand into new markets, but because it is only the beginning, we will have to wait and see where his career path takes him in the future.

Mike adds, "Feeling discouraged is normal, but never give up. I believe that as long as I don't give up, it will be my day one day." This pushes him to keep on casting for new productions, depending on which projects look for Asian characters. When asked about his expectations with Hollywood, he said, "I don't really have high expectations. Just keep trying and eventually the hard work might pay off." Most of the time, Mike had starred in series rather than in feature films. Now he takes on his new role in "The Misfits" to pave the way for potentially more film roles.

The experience working with top Hollywood stars

Working with top Hollywood actors and actresses undeniably expands the market for Mike. It opens new doors for him such as starring in the film with the legendary 007 Pierce Brosnan. "I was so excited especially the first time I met him in person. It was like a dream come true to meet my favorite action star from childhood, someone who I dreamed of working with. My hands were shaking when we shook hands." Mike recounts his first impression with Pierce. "We share quite a lot of scenes. Honestly I was a bit stiff but he cheered me up and made me more relaxed and confident. He's full of positive energy, allowing me to act better. I was very impressed with him. When we were shooting the scenes together, he would tell me to just do it and it all would turn out great."

Behind the scenes, Mike prepared for his role as Wick, the explosive guy and tech geek of the group who loves all things that explode and creates the bombs himself. He says, "Language was a challenge. "The Misfits" is the first film in which I have to speak English. English is not my mother tongue so I needed to practice a lot to get used to it. I tried my best to make my accent sound the closest to native speakers." And the fun part for him is being told to improvise the character to be as fun as possible. As a result, Mike added his own personality and charisma into Wick, like in the freestyle dance scene for instance.

A special message to his fans

Lastly, Mike wants to tell all his consistently supportive fans, both Thai and international, to keep their chins up and hang in there throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and crisis. "Please don't give up, I know that we're all having hard times but we're in this together. You have my love and support, always. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the current situation." He continues, ""The Misfits" is quite an entertaining film, it might be able to take your stress away at least for a few hours once it's finally released." In the first few days after the film hit the theaters in the United States, the tickets were fully booked and sold out. Then the film reached #1 on multiple Video of Demand platforms. "I think and hope that "The Misfits" will have a new release date in Thailand soon. Please wait a little, Thai fans. And stay safe, take care. After all this ends, we can return to the theater and watch "The Misfits"." Mike says.

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