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Vanguard Super Action Film to be Available for Streaming on TrueID from January 7, 2021 Onwards

อัปเดตเมื่อ 17 พ.ค. 2564

Super action film of the year, Vanguard is ready for a round of explosive comeback. Since the initial screening in local movie theaters in October 2020, fans will soon be able to start streaming it online via TrueID platform from January 7, 2021 onwards.

T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. together with True Digital Group Co., Ltd. are collaborating to welcome Vanguard to TrueID application which is easily made available for all. To start watching right away on the website, application and TrueIDTV box, simply register to create a new account.

After exposing the head of a terrorist organization, Qin Guoli hires “Vanguard,” an ace multinational security company, to protect him and his family under the leadership of Tang Huating (Jackie Chan) and the skill of Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang). Realizing that the next target will be Fareeda, Qin’s beloved daughter who is working in a wildlife sanctuary in Africa, Lei and his teammates rush there to protect her. However, when both Lei and Fareeda are captured by the terrorists, the rest of the Vanguard team embarks on a dangerous, action-packed journey to rescue them and stop a major attack in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Those who watched Vanguard in movie theaters before agreed that the return of Jackie Chan did not disappoint. The film was an opening film at the 16th Chinese American Film & Chinese American TV Festival 2020 in Los Angeles, the United States and also received two awards including the Golden Angel Award and Best Screenwriter Award. Stay tuned for the super action film of the year is coming to your very own screen this January 7. Click here to experience the seamless entertainment.

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