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T&B Media Global Launches Crown Token “CWT”

Innovative digital asset connects IPs to NFTs and the metaverse

Holistic blockchain investment solution

to trade on ZIPMEX from 3 March 2022

  • T&B Media Global is launching their Crown Token “CWT”, which will be available to trade on ZIPMEX from March 3, 2022.

  • Crown Token is a utility token that combines the strength of intellectual properties (IPs) with NFT creation and integration into the metaverse.

  • Crown holders will receive privileges in the creation and distribution of world-class animated films and series, the new SMO live streaming platform, as well as various other projects by a group of companies.

  • Crown holders will gain access to the entertainment, media, and technology industries worldwide and especially in the Chinese market, which is the company's strength.

  • The strong ecosystem that supports CWT includes a group of companies, business partners, and project partners.

T&B Media Global (Thailand), a leading Thai entertainment company that develops intellectual properties, global animated films and series and entertainment technologies, will launch the Crown Token (CWT), an innovative digital asset that links intellectual properties (IPs) to NFTs and the Metaverse, on March 3, 2022, on ZIPMEX, one of the fastest-growing digital asset platforms in the Asia-Pacific region and a key partner of CWT.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and Founder of T&B Media Global (Thailand), stated that “The Crown Token is a new dimension in the utility token industry that brings new advantages and benefits to intellectual property (IP),” the company's most valuable assets, which includes a vast library of live and animated movies and series.

The business’s expansion and diversification will include the creation of NFTs on a platform that the company will develop with leading partners in Thailand and abroad. Implementation in the metaverse will include Translucia Metaverse, an immersive virtual world that the company is also developing, leading to an immersive ecosystem that bridges the real and virtual worlds.

The company’s animation projects involve world-class directors and animation talent including Andrew Gordon, an Executive Producer on several T&B projects who will also develop NFTs with the company. Mr. Gordon is known for his work on blockbuster animations including “Monsters, Inc.,” “Ratatouille,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Toy Story.” T&B has many key partners in China to develop animation for the Chinese market, which has the world’s largest box office. Mr. Kenji Xiao, former CEO of ThreeZero and Chief Planner/Bureau Member of Wu Zhen International Project of Future Visual Arts, brings his experience of IPs and animation in China as the Executive Producer of China-focused projects. T&B will launch a spectacular lineup of animations in 2022-2025: Legend of the Two Heroes, FriendZSpace, Looking for Gods, New Legend, The Forestias and Blue City. T&B has developed these projects to serve growing audience demand for animation, not only in Thailand but all over the world in countries including China, India, and Australia. These large growth markets will create huge awareness, demand, and revenue for the projects.

SMO is a fully integrated platform that builds communities, engages creators, artists, and their fans to help create a strong ecosystem for Crown Token (CWT).

Ms. Pannathorn Lorattawut, CFA, Chief Business Development Officer at T&B Media Global and CEO of VUCA Digital, said that “The Crown Tokens offer outstanding benefits with the development of a comprehensive ecosystem to support a wide range of use cases, for us and for partners and affiliates. VUCA Digital has partnered with Pellar Technology, an expert in blockchain technology with experience launching successful international NFT projects. The Australian company is joining the “ADOT” NFT platform, which will be launched soon. “ADOT” is collaborating with leading local and international partners to help develop the company's IPs in the NFT market and will link them to the metaverse, which is the company's future milestone.

Ms. Lorattawut said that “IPs can also be extended to many other verticals including as video games, animations, licensing and merchandising, print, virtual and experiential technologies, to name a few, with a total global market value of over US$600 billion.

IPs from animations as well as the innovative SMO live streaming will give CWT holders a variety of benefits through staking, perks, NFT airdrops, receiving SMO-related points for exclusive platform privileges, getting involved with animations by voting on plots and stories, or creating your own characters in world-class animations, advertising, and marketing. CWT holders will also be eligible to participate in the auction of special NFT collections and gain exclusive access to the Translucia Metaverse.

CWT is a new dimension and an important milestone for utility tokens for both Thai and foreign buyers. With projects that meet all the needs of digital asset buyers, CWT is designed to be fully integrated, enabling a potentially limitless financial lifestyle in the digital age.

CWT has a limited number of 140 million tokens. It will be available for trading on March 3, 2022 on Zipmex, leading digital asset platform. We are also preparing to launch CWT trading throughout Asia.

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About T&B Media Global (Thailand)

T&B Media Global finances and manages the finest, most innovative content from around the globe. With a deep and integrated network within China and Thailand, T&B seeks to unite the world through entertainment by nurturing a culture of creativity and understanding in all the storytellers that it invests in. T&B aspires to be a key player in the generation of happiness for the world, while being able to support global social development programs that benefit the environment, children and humanity at large.

Tree Roots Entertainment Group

Tree Roots Entertainment Group is a joint venture between T&B Media Global and Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a leading real estate developer

VUCA Digital

VUCA Digital is a subsidiary of T&B Media Global and a project consultant for the Crown Token. The company also consults for fintech, blockchain, tokenization, digital assets, and related businesses as well as providing international NFT platform services.

For more information, please contact:

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC)

Corporate Communications

Pantamas Maungratana (Tookta) M: +66 62 895 3636 E:

Project Communications

Molthip Janethammapat (Angy) M: +66 95 952 3942 E:

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