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The Grand Unveiling of MQDC Idyllias as the "Metta-Verse for All Life Visible”

The company officially launched MQDC Idyllias as the "Metta-Verse for All Life Visible”, fully merging reality and virtual world seamlessly and bringing sustainability for all.

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, said that Idyllias is being developed by the subsidiary MQDC Metaverse.

"Metta-verse" is not misspelled. The extra "t" comes from the Thai word "metta", which means “generosity”, “kindness”, and “good wishes for others”, Visit explained. Idyllias will connect to Translucia, a virtual world created and operated by T&B Media Global (Thailand) – a production company specialised in entertainment content and animation.

"What we are doing is creating a platform that will enable businesses to create value beyond traditional sales sites," explained Bhak Tanta-Nanta, T&B Media Global Group Deputy CEO and Translucia Representative.

"The metaverse will not only feature virtual property but will also be a social network where users can interact and share meaningful experiences," said Parut Penpayap, Project Director of MQDC Idyllias.

"The Internet of Place concept will be used to create the metaverse and include one-stop virtual experiences," he said.

The Internet of Place has been described as "the future of the metaverse," combining virtual real estate, smart living, health and wellness, direct-to-avatar commerce, gamification, and immersive learning.

MQDC Idyllias will be "a matchmaker" to support and subsidise start-ups to create "sustainable innovation”.

Its "innovation playground" will be a platform where ideas and creativity can thrive.

MQDC Idyllias was co-developed by MQDC and Accenture, a leading global professional services company.

“By helping MQDC create relevant experiences for people, we can help them gain greater control over how they work, live, play, and learn across virtual and physical worlds," said Ramakrishnan C.N., Accenture Song's Southeast Asia integration and metaverse lead.

The philosophy of the initiative is "For All Well-Being". "Love, support, learning, and recycling to earn" are the new dimensions of the platform.

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