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Welcome to "Meeps" World

The Meeps inhabit an exotic and fantastical world, their story will be rooted in the reality of the music business. Their journey will reflect the dilemmas, crises and personal disputes of and actual contemporary, young rock band and countless other bands throughout history who have gone down the same road in search of success and fortune. It’s a totally relatable story, one which generations of creative, ambitious young people have embarked on.​


He has attitude because  he is a rockstar who is happens to be a spectacular tiger and supremely  confident. A natural showman and the ultimate performer with onstage charisma that he can switch on at a moment’s notice.


She has the edginess of a modern girl who has an opinion. She is confident and inevitably insecure. The attitude Jazz puts out is inspiring but deep down she is emotional on the inside and a bit messed up.


He is an intellectual and spiritual character who is a bit of a hippie and is a little bit on his own planet. Musically, he’s a brilliant guitarist and a good song writer.


Mackenzie is sweet and has a heartfelt simplicity of cutting through modern life. She is also a bit of a tomboy and has a childlike view of the world and says what she thinks- sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s not.

He is fearless, unpredictable and has a real temper. He is like the buffalo in the Serengeti. Drummers are sometimes crazy and so is Rafael. He’s got a listening problem and is a bit mental.


He is a very modern DJ producer who is more tuned in the younger music industry of today. He has a turntable and headphones; he’s his own character.


The octopus is a female assistant who is very organized and does a 1000 thing at once, she really cares for the band who are very needy.

Generic Bird

The little birds are the groupies/fans and they only make “Meep” sounds.


Olivier Staphylas

Original Creator

Simon Fuller

Executive Producers and Key Partners

Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp | Mike Young & Liz Young | Michelle Staphylas | Leo Sanchez

Kim Fuller | Greg Lyons Brazen | David Hubert | Varunee Santa

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