除了人才和内容,T&B包括在技术和创新方面进行了投资。Tree Root娱乐集团是T&B Media Global和泰国顶级房地产开发商MQDC的合资企业,以不受时间及距离限制提供自由通信空间的创新领导和解决科技方案的服务。


为了提供360度的娱乐, World Artists Thailand 将为我们开发和管理具有才华横溢、充满热情的人才。


A NASDAQ listed In-game advertising company offering immersive, nondisruptive ad integration into the gaming environment

Featuring unique and immersive activities where users play to earn rewards that can be utilized in both the virtual and real worlds within our integrated ecosystem

An immersive streaming platform created for the gaming universe. Earn useful Bytz rewards for bingeing exclusive shows, premium channels, and original live-action series where your favorite games come to life. All only on Binge!

All of our robots have been developed based on the For all well-being concept of 'living well and securely' through rigorous research to gain a deeper understanding of human needs. We aim to accelerate the world’s transition to smart environments with robots to enhance well-being for all.

A subsidiary of T&B focusing on fintech industry especially token and NFT platform

OKAY D is a new production house and design company branching from T&B Media Global. Despite being new, we put value to our clients’ wants and modern polish with every effort and detail. We aim to vibrate happiness to everyone and make everything OKAY :D

Launched Pylon Lab Innovation Group Company Limited, a technology development and innovation company. Including creating a business model to meet the needs of business partners in a variety of ways, such as Blockchain technology, AI, AR VR, NFT, digital assets, games and Metaverse.

AI-driven predictive theatrical forecasting intelligence to get up to 85% accuracy before

a film is made.

We are experts in the field of software development, creating customized solutions tuned to each of our customer’s needs, with creativity and responsibility

Mittaria is the future of the social media space where you can spread your creativity and share it with the world. grow your dreams together with professional animation creators, we enable you to realize the potential of your creations and help make your dreams come true. Own your avatars with the power of decentralization, you can truly own your digital assets and enjoy their interoperability amongst our metaverse ecosystem.

Family Network