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How do I watch T&B animated and live-action feature films, TV series and format shows?

Each T&B animated TV series is available for streaming on a different subscription video-on-demand platform. Each animated and live-action feature film has its own screening period in movie theaters. Our format shows can be watched on local television channels. To find out more about the specific ways to enjoy our past and current productions, check out each title on our content listing.

Does T&B accept project pitches?

Yes, we are open to project pitches from both local and international talents alike. One of our goals is to nurture new and existing storytellers by transforming their ideas into reality. If you think that we might be interested in producing, co-producing or investing in your animated and live-action feature film, TV series or format show, feel free to let us know via /

What qualifies as a project in T&B Universe?

Are you wondering whether your story is a good fit in our content universe? We are constantly seeking opportunities in producing, co-producing and financing family-friendly animated feature film and TV series, live-action feature film and TV series, and format shows. Most of our content is suitable for all audiences no matter what age or sex, typically in the following genres: action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, etc. For format shows, we focus on reality, talent and survival shows.

I want to write about T&B How do I get in touch with your team? 

We welcome feedback as much as we welcome the press and media friends to write about us. If you would like to write news, articles or blogs about us and what we do, kindly email our Public Relations Department via We are more than happy to answer any questions or provide you with the information that you require for your work. 

How do I become a partner or sponsor?

With the fast-paced expansion and diversification in terms of partner acquisition, T&B has been consolidating and partnering with many leading businesses around the world in entertainment, gaming, data, technology and even real estate to advance unprecedented business models. Our comprehensive list of attributes covers sales & distribution, licensing, merchandising, including co-production opportunities for global brands, partners and investors alike. If you share the same drive with us and would like to join us, support us or even learn more about us, our Distribution Department is happy to help via

Why should I collaborate with T&B? 

With its extensive and integrated professional networks from China, Thailand and across the globe, T&B offers full-service entertainment by training and investing in the best talents. Apart from exporting Thainess and vibrating happiness to audiences, the company also supports and sustains social development programs that benefit the environment, children and humanity at large, reflecting the core of many productions no matter live-action feature films / TV series, animated feature films / TV series or format shows. We are new, evolving and take the everchanging needs of our audience very seriously. For more details, head to

How can I be a part of T&B?

There are a few ways that you can join T&B family and this section will summarize that for you. You can apply to the job openings by clicking here You can also check out Life at T&B page to see what our current employees have to say about their working life at the Home of Happy. Or for business opportunities, click here

Can I be a part of T&B Give Back?

Yes, you can support T&B Give Back initiatives to give back to the society. Our non-profit campaign, Pay-It-Forward raises and donates funds to assist people and animals in need in Bangkok and beyond no matter in the forms of food or goods. Act now, this link will take you to our CSR page.

I have further questions. Who may I contact?

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, one of our admins will take care of you. Please leave your message via

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