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Food Truckers


“The Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers” is a comedy featuring three best friends, Sonny, Andi, and Tong. The show follows their weirdly wonderful foodventures as they roam the earth in their adorable food truck, Julia. In each episode, the crew chops, dices and fries their way into a death-defying cooking mess. But in the end, the Food Truckers always earn new friends, cook an off-the-hook feast, and leave everybody’s bellies stuffed with fresh hot comedy. Along the way they will cook the biggest pizza ever in an active volcano; deep fry anything they can get their hands on; cook chicken wings in a spaceship full of monkeys; cook bird spit soup; and even conquer the stickiest cheese on the planet! If you like eating, laughing and making friends, then take a bite of the Food Truckers! 



Welcome to The Food Truckers' World

Besides the endless recipes of international delicacies, viewers are treated to a colorful and vibrant world sprawling with zany characters. Not only do the Food Truckers traverse various continents, but with each passing episode they are presented with new challenges to overcome which end up teaching the trio valuable lessons of friendship and responsibility. 

Meet the Family  


This jovial bear enjoys spending most of his free time in the kitchen, if he's not there, he'll be out helping his friends from around the world with their food-related problems. 


She is a Red Panda with a gift for invention and innovation. She is normally seen working with gadgets and gizmos but she enjoys spending most of her time with Sonny and Tong.


He is a social media specialist that wastes no time in capturing what he and his best friends are up to. He also has a clumsy side to him that he tries to hide.



Dan Clark

Executive Producers

Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp

Bhakbhume Tanta-Nanta

Bob Higgins

Chapman Maddox

Dan Clark

David Kwok

Synergistic Partnerships

Platform & Network

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