FriendZSpace is a new animated comedy about three human kids committed to making friends with alien kids all across the universe. The series merges wild adventure and character-driven comedy with action-packed stories. FriendZSpace is over-the-top, sweet, irreverent, silly, aspirational — and more than a little nuts! 



Welcome to The FriendZSpace’s World

Meet the Family  


She doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. This is a kid who knows how to say, “Hello!” (which is not as easy as it seems when the kids you’re saying “Hello!” to look like huge glowing insects!). Alice’s personality is bright and intense! She’s the crew’s optimistic instigator. 


She is a deep thinker, a deep feeler, and a deeply eccentric girl with a dry sense of humor and a knack for pondering big unusual thoughts. While she loves the concept of befriending alien kids, Kim finds interacting with books, tech, and her chunky totally-over-it cat, Mr. Bisket, to be her personal sweet spot. 


He has two passions: new alien friends and crazy adventures! Put them together and Leo is in his bliss bubble. He’s a rowdy and sensitive kid who had always hungered for the kind of mischief and excitement he loves in the pages of his fave comic books and games. Well, it’s happened, Leo’s life has blown up. He’s a deep space friend maker with a knack for alien fun and risk taking. 


He is part cuddly best friend and part high-tech Swiss army knife. The Dart selected the puppy to serve and guard the Earth Kids and to function as a communication conduit. The Dart has equipped BotDog’s robot head with a communication port that allows the Dart to speak directly through the puppy. 

Mr. Bisket

He is Kim’s furry enabler. He is extra chubby and extra huggable. He fully understands human languages but can only say “Meow”. He wears contact lenses because he thinks a cat with glasses would be weird.



Dan Clark & Oscar Covarruvias

Executive Producer

Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp

Barbara Stephen


Alexia Gates-Foale

Pinyada Ratanasungk

Varunee Santa


Dan Clark and writer team

Synergistic Partnerships