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When a Chinese oil refinery in Iraq is attacked by a group of rogue mercenery who wants to steal oil for their own benefit, a security team is brought in to escort the workers to safety through the notorious Highway of Death.

Leading the team is Luo Feng (Jackie Chan), a legendary security personnel who only agreed to be a part of this mission to protect his estranged daughter. Yet when they envoy is attacked along the way and his daughter and other workers are taken hostages, Luo finds himself face to face with an aced mercenery Chris Van Horne (John Cena) who is also fighting to protect his family.
In the end, will these two fighters fight each other until no one is left standing, or will they be able to find a common ground through their shared values and team up to safe those they loved.


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Scott Waugh


Arash Amel


Jackie Chan / John Cena / Pilou Asbæk

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