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Crown Token “CWT”, Now Trading Successfully on Zipmex

7 March 2022, Bangkok-T&B Media Global (Thailand), a leading Thai entertainment business that develops IP and produces world-class animated movies and series, will work with Thai and international partners on the “ADOT” NFT platform. The platform will be launched soon, developing on the back of a blockchain system within an integrated ecosystem for Crown Token (CWT). The move helps open limitless options in digital finance in preparation for the metaverse.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and Founder of T&B Media Global, spoke at the press conference to launch Crown Token (CWT), announcing the company’s collaboration with leading partners in Thailand and overseas to an audience of 400 distinguished guests and leading Thai partners at Samyan Mitrtown.

Attendees included representatives from MQDC, Zipmex, The Last Idol, Search Entertainment, BBTV New Media, One Enterprise, LOMABin, Huawei Technologies, InfoFed, Cozy Game, and Rangsit University.

The partnership is a milestone in Thailand’s token industry, creating opportunities and transforming every industry, including entertainment, he said. Artists, creators, and viewers will gain tremendous opportunities and enjoy new experiences through holding Crown Token (CWT). The utility token launched successfully last week on Zipmex, attracting investors with its limitless digital financial options.

T&B is working with global partners such as Mr. Andrew Gordon, who helped create “Monsters, Inc.”, “Toy Story”, Mr. Kenji Xiao, China's leading animation producer; and Sunac Culture Group, a leader in family entertainment in China through its real estate network including theme parks. T&B is investing in spectacular animated movies and series over 2022-25, including Legends of the Two Heroes, FriendZSpace, Looking for Gods, New Legend, The Forestias and Blue City, which will all be shown on the “ADOT” NFT platform.

The global market penetration of T&B and its partners will ensure credibility and significant financing for IP in animated movies, said Dr. Ahriyavraromp. T&B also has a subsidiary, Tree Roots Entertainment Group, which is developing a SMO platform that will be a hub for community, engagement, and social responsibility, gathering creators, artists, and fans to help develop a strong ecosystem for Crown Token (CWT).

Crown Token (CWT) is a utility token that leverages IP from movies and animated series produced by T&B to diversify its business, bringing significant impact in both the real and virtual worlds.

The collaboration connects diverse businesses to support and build a strong ecosystem. T&B’s local partners include MQDC, a leading real estate company; Zipmex, Thailand’s leading digital exchange platform; Last Idol Thailand; BBTV New Media; Search Entertainment; The One Enterprise; and LOMABin, a leading entertainment company. Huawei Technologies Cloud Business, the global telecommunications leader, is also partnering in the project along with Infofed Startup, focused on e-sports and Thai games; Cozy Game; Game Fi (Blockchain and NFT Game); and Rangsit University, with its outstanding innovation and technology. International partners include Pellar Technology, a global blockchain expert; Andrew Gosrdon, who has contributed to global animations such as “Monsters, Inc.” and “Toy Story”; Mr. Kenji Xiao, China's leading animation producer; and Sunac Culture Group, a leader in real estate in China and prominent in theme parks and family entertainment.

Ms. Pannathorn Lorattawut, CFA, Chief Business Development Officer of T&B Media and Global CEO of VUCA Digital, said the company developed a Crown Token (CWT) as a world-class token that leverages intellectual property (IP), adding value to and building on the work of artists and content producers. Building the CWT ecosystem will involve connecting with partners in all industries to create opportunities together, maximizing the token’s use case. Fully integrated with CWT and the ADOT NFT platforms, T&B has a global partner, Pellar Technology of Australia, known internationally for its work and expertise.

The ADOT platform will link IP from movies, dramas, animations, music, and various forms of entertainment to digital assets, creating opportunities for content artists, creators, producers, and audiences to engage and gain new experiences. CWT holders will enjoy a wide range of benefits including NFT airdrops on all six animation titles, the right to vote on the direction of T&B's films and animations, the right to be part of films and NFTs, including privileges on the SMO Live Platform and, above all, participation in T&B's Translucia Metaverse megaproject.

Mr. Roy Hui, founder of Australia’s Pellar Technology and a blockchain expert with on-hand experiences developing international NFT projects, will help create “ADOT”, a multi-tasking NFT platform for artists and creators. Utility functions will let creators determine when collectors gain entire collections. Collectors can redeem tokens for a special type of NFT that gives many privileges, such as attending online and offline meet & greet events with artists or creators. ADOT will also create activities such as co-creation and co-building in a community of favorite artists and creators. Leading Thai partners are confident that this NFT platform will transform and create business opportunities for all industries, including entertainment, both nationally and globally. Beyond income generation, the platform will help prevent piracy for artists and creators. Fans will be able to participate in various activities in the virtual world. The platform will also boost business, stimulating the economy all around.

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, congratulated T&B, a key partner of MQDC, on its collaboration with leading Thai and global partners. The partnership will help bring financial innovations such as digital tokens to the real estate industry for residences, commercial buildings, offices, shopping centers, service businesses, all under the concept of "For All Well-Being". This project reinforces the confidence that financial innovation will drive Thailand’s future economy.

Mr. Viboon Leerattanajohn, CEO of Search Entertainment, has announced that Search Entertainment may collaborate with T&B, VUCA Digital, and Tree Root Entertainment Group. VUCA Digital will oversee technology development and community building.

The ADOT NFT platform will support CWT, a new dimension and important step in utility tokens for Thai and foreign buyers, with projects that meet all the needs of digital asset buyers. The token started trading on 3 March 2022 on Zipmex, Thailand's leading digital asset platform.

This milestone collaboration between T&B and its partners opens a path towards innovative finance in the virtual world, offering limitless financial options in the digital age. Preparations are underway for Crown Token to soon be trading in the region.



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