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T&B Media Global and Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group Launch Ultra-Realistic Digital Human 'Lulu'

At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, T&B Media Global, in collaboration with Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group, proudly unveiled "Lulu," the first ultra-realistic large-model digital human designed by a Thai company and developed by a Chinese enterprise for international markets.

This milestone follows the strategic partnership formed between T&B Media Global and Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group in October 2023, focusing on trans-border content distribution and the development of digital humans and AI. Lulu, custom-designed by Alibaba based on T&B’s original concepts, will play a pivotal role in various Sino-Thai cultural and entertainment projects, including an upcoming film.

"Our collaboration with Alibaba marks a significant step in our strategic partnership," said a representative from T&B Media Global. "Lulu's lifelike appearance and interactive capabilities are achieved through advanced AI and digital human technologies. By integrating with the large model 'Tongyi Xingchen,' Lulu can provide open-ended responses and engage in meaningful virtual and real interactions. Her design, crafted with the expertise of top CG director Somei and Malaysian artist Zeen Chin, reflects trendy aesthetics and embodies the elegance and charm of an Asian woman."

Lulu's character, inspired by the God of Food from Chinese mythology, is smart and inquisitive, with a passion for exploring global cuisines. Based on the solid character development, T&B and Alibaba have planned several high-quality short dramas featuring Lulu, including Lulu's Flavorful Adventure, with Thai director Thanonchai Sornsriwichai contributing to the script development. Additionally, Lulu will star in T&B Media Global's upcoming animated film "Looking for Gods."

The rapid development of the digital human industry, fueled by AI and virtual filming technologies, is evident in China's market growth. Industry predictions indicate that by 2025, the market size driven by digital humans in China will reach 640.27 billion Yuan (3.2 trillion THB), with a core market size of 48.06 billion Yuan (242 billion THB), expanding their application scenarios.

Prior to Lulu's introduction, Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group had already created "Leah," their first hyper-realistic digital human who gained fame in the live-action series "Nobody." Leah recently signed with Damai to pursue a career as a virtual musician.

T&B Media Global is excited to be at the forefront of this innovative collaboration, bringing cutting-edge digital human technology to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

About T&B Media Global

T&B Media Global is a leading entertainment conglomerate based in Thailand, dedicated to empowering creators and storytellers worldwide. With a vision to pioneer a new era in entertainment, T&B blends cutting-edge technologies with captivating storytelling across its diverse verticals – Talent Management, IP Studios, Entertainment Technologies, Innovation and Venture Capital.


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