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T&B Media Global and Jinny Brand Pair Up to Donate Cat Food and Snack to Soi Dog Foundation

Updated: May 17, 2021

Bangkok, February 12, 2021 – T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd., one of the leading producers and investors in Thai entertainment content and importers of Chinese content together with International Pet Food Co., Ltd., owner of “Jinny” brand, donated cat food and snacks, value of 25,000 Thai baht, to support stray cats under the care of Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket.

This initiation is inspired by the protagonist black cat in The Legend of Hei, a Chinese animated feature film acquired by T&B Media Global to screen in Thailand this March 18, 2021. As the story goes, “Xiao Hei” wanders alone into the wilderness to discover a new home and true friendship. Along the way, he would face some hardship trying to find decent food. This reflects the livelihood of more than 300 stray cats, including orphan kittens, sickness-stricken cats or perfectly healthy cats, under the care of Soi Dog Foundation that need medical care, proper food and, eventually, a permanent home to live in. Aside from the foundation’s missions, Soi Dog also works with multiple feeders in the Phuket community to initiate health checkup, neutering, vaccination, especially providing food every month.

For more updates on “The Legend of Hei” and other new works from T&B Media Global Co., Ltd., please visit the website, Facebook page, Instagram: @tandbmediaglobal, Twitter: @TandBMedia #LegendOfHeiTH #LegendOfHei #TandBHomeofHappy #HomeofHappy


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