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“The Misfits” Action Film Staring Pierce Brosnan Soon to be Released Nationwide by T&B Media GlobaL

Updated: May 21, 2021

“The Misfits” Action Film Staring Pierce Brosnan to be Released Nationwide

by T&B Media Global this July

T&B Media Global continue its action-packed showcases with a new blockbuster feature film, “The Misfits”, an action-packed thriller about the heist of the century, for Thai fans to enjoy this summer in local movie theaters.

The film was acquired by T&B Media Global, an up-and-coming entertainment fund management company, which last year successfully released “Vanguard (2020)”, starring Jackie Chan, Yang Yang and Miya Muqi. “The Misfits” is packed with topnotch crew, led by the legendary action star, Pierce Brosnan from 007 James Bond film series, followed by Nick Cannon, a famous host of the Mask Singer USA, Jamie Chung, Rami Jaber and lastly Mike Angelo or Mike Pirat, the all-times favorite Thai talent who hits the Hollywood scene for the first time.

Even a federal maximum-security prison can't hold Richard Pace (Golden Globe nominee Pierce Brosnan), a brilliant international thief. But his daring escape and high-octane car chase, eluding the FBI and police, ends with him being scooped up by The Misfits, a band of modern-day Robin Hoods. Led by the eccentric and charismatic Ringo (Nick Cannon) with Violet (Jamie Chung), the Prince (Rami Jaber), and Wick (Mike Angelo) with Pace's daughter Hope (Hermione Corfield) - a mysterious group who do devious things for all the right reasons. The skilled group convinces Pace to join them to pull off the heist.

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