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“Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” by “Sharing Happiness”

to Help 2,000 Local Restaurants to Supply 240,000 Meals

with 20 Million Baht Budget

MQDC together with Principal Healthcare Company, T&B Media Global (Thailand), EEC Engineering Network, and Buddharaksa Foundation formed "Sharing Happiness", whose "Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” initiative has helped local food outlets and communities in distress from the COVID-19 outbreak by hiring 2,000 small restaurants to supply 240,000 lunch boxes for 4 months with a budget of 20 million baht.


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, lasting more than 18 months and now in a severe third phase, has put over 50,000 local restaurants out of business, leaving many without work or income as the pandemic spreads in Bangkok and its surrounding areas.


To help relieve the hardship, this project has fed the communities through a network of small restaurant businesses, which has gained income for day-to-day expenses.

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