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Set mostly in an idyllic coral reef community and friendly suburban town off the Andaman Islands called “Shell Land,” the vibrant and uplifting series brings shell creatures to life! A young sun snail named Shelldon and his best friends, Herman the hermit crab and Connie the sea snail embark on exciting adventures and encounter roller coaster situations situations that teach them valuable lessons about life and the need to protect marine environments.

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Welcome to Shell Land

Take a deep dive into the aquatic wonderland that Shelldon and his friends call home. Not only will viewers get a glimpse into what a day in Shelldon’s life looks like but also will be able to learn about the little things they can do to ensure that the sea remains vibrant, healthy, and safe for everyone – not only Shelldon – living under the ocean.  

Meet the Family  


A young sun snail that lives in a hotel called the Charming Clam Inn with his family. He likes helping his friends and solving problems. 


She is a seasnail who comes from a wealthy family but decided to work at the Charming Clam Inn so she could do more than rely on her parents' money. 


He is a blue hermit crab with an immense infatuation with unexplainable things such as the paranormal and aliens. He has a crush on a classmate by the name of Hurly. 



Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp


Oliver Thompson


Stuart James Brayson

Brendon Foley

Doug Molitor

Lauren and jacob

Sager Weinstein

Arthur Tiersky

Shelley Goldstein

Gary Selvaggio

Steve Middleton

Jeffrey Scott


Karen Hill Scott, Ed. D.

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