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Start It Up is the story of “Jia” and “Liang,” two best friends from two different worlds.


After a life-changing accident, Jia, a carefree young man who has never worked a day in his life, must learn to run his parents’ restaurant. With the help of Liang, a Chinese exchange student who wants to prove to his family that he can take care of himself, he embarks on a journey of entrepreneurial proportions, especially when the restaurant is unexpectedly taken over by a famous chef who is no stranger to Liang.


The path to conquer the cooking competition is much more than an international race to create epic dishes. Together, Jia and Liang must endure a difficult learning curve and overcome obstacles as losing is not an option. 


Meet the Family  


He is a young, carefree man that has never worked a day in his life and spent most of time chasing his numerous crushes. Upon experiencing hardship regarding his family and their business, he must learn to run his parents’ restaurant. 


He is a Chinese exchange student and Jia's bestest friend. He moved to Thailand to comeplete his studies and wants to prove to his family that he can take care of himself and wants to chase his own dreams and live life on his own terms. 



Pakapol Lertwachirapaiboon

Executive Producers

Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp

Jie Yu


Tao Shu

Pornviroon Kaewthong

Auttawut Konglee 


Fang Yuren

Authapon Pandee 

Synergistic Partnerships

Co-production & Distribution



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