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Xu Xiao is the King of China’s Northern Liang in an era of great upheaval. Steppe kingdoms have materialized with deadly intent, as rebellious uprisings threatened to destabilize the Southern realm. Against all odds, Xu Xiao managed to defeat them all. During this period, his unconventional, free-spirited heir, Xu Feng Nian been on the road, honing his equestrian skills and bolstering his fighting prowess. On his journey, he encounters the double sword-wielding martial artist  Nan Gong Pu She, who’s soon to become his confidante.


In the court of  Northern Liang is Jiang Ni, a twelve-year-old girl who is actually a princess from a rival kingdom, with a mind for revenge. As Xu Feng Nian ascends the throne, concerns arise fearing him incapable of following in his father’s footsteps. Xu Feng Nian, despite having mounted a decisive campaign, encounters a crisis while en route to a neighboring province. Its outcome could very well determine the entire realm's future.


Sword Snow Stride


Zhang Ruo Yun as Xu Feng Nian

Feng Nian is Xu Xiao and Wu Su’s eldest son. He is a joker on the surface with a non-serious demeanor and a reputation as a useless playboy. While Feng Nian has no interest to take over his father’s position, he is a very astute and smart young man who can see through other people’s plan. He also refuses to learn martial arts.

Teresa Li as Jiang Ni

Jiang Ni was a princess of Western Chu which fell into the hands of Xu Xiao. Her father was the Emperor and her whole family had to die after they lost the war. Xu Xiao promised the fallen Emperor to spare Jiang Ni’s life. She was just a little girl then. Hence, Jiang Ni was brought back to Northern Liang and became Feng Nian’s maid. They have a unique relationship because she is always thinking of killing him to avenge her parents’ death while he indulges her because he knows she will never succeed. Jiang Ni is a proud and determined lady.


Hu Jun as Xu Xiao

Northern Liang is a vassal state governed by Xu Xiao who is a powerful warlord with a large army. He reports to the Emperor who resides in Liyang. Xu Xiao is a general and a brilliant strategist who always thinks a few steps ahead. He doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice others when the situation calls for it to protect Northern Liang. Xu Xiao’s late wife is Wu Su who is from the reputable Wu family of the Qing Yang Sect which is famous for their swordsmanship. They have 4 children together namely, Zhi Hu, Wei Xiong, Feng Nian, and Long Xiang.



Song Xiao Fei


Wang Juan (Adapted from web novel "The Snowy Path of the Heroic Blade by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou)

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