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is our foundation of the transparency business strategy throughout the organization. Under the management direction from our CEO - Athid Nanthawaroon, the commitment is to develop a wide range of digital creations on the platforms that synergize the subsidiary’s assets while enriching the standardized a fruitful quality of living from Online to Brick-and-Mortar and vice versa.


​​Happiness and sustainable

Tree Roots Entertainment Group, a joint venture between MQDC, a top property developer in Thailand, and T&B Media Global, an end-trend entertainment ​​company where creativity and happiness meet.


To be the leading innovation & digital omni-solutions platform provider, striving to create a truly immersive and hyper-seamless experience.

Offer the new value-added immersive technologies, gamification and digital platform to create solutions and new experiences for users by leveraging data from partner’s entertainment and real estate industries.

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