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Transforming marketing expenses from real estate into content and IPs investment to create multiple value added in both businesses.

      New Era Finance Solution - Redefining Thailand's financial landscape through an extensive network of partnership. Incorporating state of the art technology to provide an all-inclusive financial service for both businesses and individuals.

      Wealth Management Services will be our first steppingstone in creating an ecosystem in Fintech industry. Our Robo-advisor can help you build and manage your portfolio.

Automated Investing Tailored to your Goals
Our Value Propositions
  • Low Minimum Account Size - for boarder investor access.

  • Cost Conscious - Affordable price for everyone to invest.

  • Ongoing, Automated Investment Management - your investment is well taken care of.

  • Investment and Savings - to ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

  • Financial Planning - each step counts.

What We Are Doing & How Our Services Work

We are currently in the process of applying for a SEC license.

The services we intend to offer include the following step:

1. Complete a questionnaire to establish your goals, risk tolerance and timeline.

2. Get a diversified portfolio.

3. Our robo-advisor monitors your portfolio and rebalances it as needed.


Our robo-advisor helps you achieve your financial and investment goals, keeps you staying on track, and makes it simple. We will provide an automated investing service that is tailored to your needs.

Our services will simplify your finances. Our technology creates investment choices tailored to your preferences and stage of life. You will have access to a progress tracker, asset allocation recommendations, investment advices, and future saving estimates.

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