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The ninth collaboration between the legendary action star, Jackie Chan and acclaimed director, Stanley Tong introduces Vanguard agency, founded by Tang Huanting (Jackie Chan), which provides top security services to Chinese clients around the world.


When businessman Qin Guoli (Jackson Lou) is kidnapped in London’s Chinatown during the Lunar New Year celebrations by Omar, the son of his former boss, the team members, Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang), Zhang Kaixuan (Ai Lun) and Miya (Mu Qimiya) must pull off a challenging rescue mission against the clock. In Africa, Tang then leads his team to guard Qin’s estranged daughter and wildlife conservationist, Fareeda (Xu Ruohan). But amidst the forest firefight and river rapids, Fareeda and Lei are held captive.

Jackie Chan



Meet the Family  

Jackie Chan as Tang Huanting

Yang Yang as Lei Zhenyu

Ai Lun as Zhang Kaixuan

Miya Muqi as Mi Ya

Zhu Zhengting as Shendiao