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From Talent to Platforms

  World Artists Thailand is where talent, brands and limitless creativity (whether in film, TV, music, or digital mediums) come together to create entertainment for audiences worldwide.

 Offering a holistic 360-degree approach to entertainment, we create opportunities for the talent and the storytellers, as well as meaningful engagement and integrations for brands. 

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Vibrating Happiness Everybody can Experience

   Our commitment to our talent and our partners is to become purveyors of opportunities in innovative entertainment for years to come. 

   To our artists, our commitment extends beyond just nurturing their innate talent, but supplementing it with holistic training for them to be role models for future generations. At World Artists Thailand, we don’t just look for talent, we also look for qualities in the human spirit that make our talent true icons and respected role models. 

  To our content partners, our commitment is to provide unrivaled talent to make their visions truly visionary.


  To our brand partners, we commit to create revolutionary engagement between brands and their audiences.  

Made with Heart in Thailand for the World 

   Equipped with a robust network in Thailand, China and the globe, we have partnered with trailblazers and visionaries in the content and branding industries who are unified in our goal of vibrating happiness to the world, and we work tirelessly to make these opportunities happen. 

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   To top it off, when it comes to concerts and live events, we are the full-flavored folks with various concerts and live shows. Whether streamed live to screens or on-ground concerts from cozy venues to mega-stadiums, we aspire to thrill you with multi-sensory experiences and unforgettable memories. 

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