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“After Yang” Reviews and Criticism both agree that is the absolute Perfect Movie

T&B Media Global (Thailand) Company Limited hosted a screening of the Sundance award winning film “After Yang” on the premiere night of May 25, 2022 at the House Samyan cinema. After finished movie the reviewer more than 200 are said “After Yang is the best thing is Worth Waiting”

Movie by Kogonada is a director who is South Korean – Born American, Known of Columbus (2017) and Pachinko (2022). After Yang is based on a short story by Alexander Weinstein, Saying Goodbye to Yang, which was published as part of the author’s collection of short stories in the 2016 book Children of The New World.

It starts with a little family - father Jake (Colin Farrell stars from The Lobster and The Batman movie) who runs a traditionally minded tea shop, which is clearly struggling to find customers and his wife (Jodie Turner-Smith stars from The Neon Demon and Night flyers series) They have daughter purchase Yang (Justin H. Min) as a babysitter for their adopted daughter Mika (Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja) to help her stay in touch with her Chinese heritage. When Yang begins to malfunction, Jake goes on a journey to find a way to fix him, and in the process discovers a distance between him and his family he didn’t realize existed....



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