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Animated series “Millennium Fables” won China Youth Animation Director Support Program 2021 Award

Firecat Entertainment, a subsidiary company of T&BGroup, bringshorror, sci-fianimated series “Millennium Fables” to win the award at China Youth Animation Director Support Program 2021, in the “Free Style” category.

Tencent Video, China's leading streaming platform,andWuhu Animator Space, China's most influential media in animation, held China Young Animation Director Support Program 2021 Awards Ceremony in Shanghai, China. The event wasalso joined bymanywell-known local and international animation directors, associations, universities and colleges, and companies in various fields. This year, there are more than 1,000 titles submittedto 3 categories: “Day Dream”, “Free Style”, and “University students and the Institutional Organization Award”.Among the 177 finalists,"Millennium Fables", the sci-fi, horror animated series produced by Firecat Entertainment, took home the award in the “Free Style” category.

The China Young Animation Director Support Program is a project organized by Tencent Video to support young talents,who has great ideas and big dreams, with the opportunities to become outstandinganimators who will drive China's animation market.

A mysterious Japanese teenager arrives in the rural town of Lushan in 1999, sparking a series of strange events that culminates in a few high school teens suddenly receiving mutations that grant them special powers. As they try to understand their newfound abilities, an unspeakable horror begins to haunt the small town.Thirty years later, in the now expanded, cyber-punk city, a detective begins to investigate a series of gruesome murders that seem to have some connection to the events of the past. As he journeys deeper into a labyrinth of ritual sacrifice and grotesque mutilation, he begins to uncover a conspiracy two billion years in the making.



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