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Discover 'Stima – The Wise Novice': A New, Vibrant Thai Animated Series That Fosters Mindful Living for Youth and Families

Bangkok, Thailand - February 21, 2024 - Prepare yourselves for a journey filled with wisdom, joy, and heartwarming tales as the Vimuttayalai Foundation, in collaboration with the Buddharaksa Foundation, Ahriyavraromp Foundation, Shellhut Entertainment Co., Ltd., T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and DTGO Corporation Limited, proudly presents 'Stima – The Wise Novice,' a delightful new animated series set to captivate audiences of all ages.


Premiering on TrueID this February 21st and extending its reach to True Spark Play (Ch. 444) via TrueVisions starting April 4th, 'Stima – The Wise Novice' invites viewers on an enchanting journey into the world of Stima, a young Buddhist novice whose adventures brim with valuable life lessons that nurture the spirit of unity.


Inspired by the timeless teachings of the Venerable Phramedhivajirodom – V. Vajiramedhi, Chairman of Vimutthayalai Foundation, this series embodies the essence of 'We are One,' promoting harmony and peaceful coexistence to a global audience.

The Venerable Phramedhivajirodom – V. Vajiramedhi, Chairman of the Vimutthayalai Foundation, said, “Vimutthayalai Foundation is devoted to creating societal benefits and promoting peaceful coexistence, acknowledging that everyone worldwide, irrespective of their countries, languages, religions, and cultures, shares a commonality – humanity. The Foundation recognizes the differences in today's social context, whether in culture, beliefs, or thoughts. With a primary focus on propagating Buddhism and fostering world peace, this vision inspired the creation of 'Stima – The Wise Novice.' The animated series follows a determined novice on a Dhamma-learning journey, emphasizing mindful living and encouraging problem-solving. The series embodies the wisdom of 'When Mindfulness Comes, Wisdom Arises.' Also, as I long admired the works of Studio Ghibli, their animations, which I experienced in Japan, left a profound impression. The portrayal of life, water, nature, smiles, and freshness on the screen deeply touched and fueled inspiration to create Thai animation that positively impacts Thai and global societies. Integrating Buddhism with modern science, 'Stima – The Wise Novice’ represents society, offering knowledge and creative ideas that benefit children and youth in Thailand and abroad.”

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO & Founder of Shellhut Entertainment, T&B Media Global and President of the Ahriyavraromp Foundation, shared his excitement: "With 'Stima – The Wise Novice,' we aim to weave tales that not only entertain but also inspire positive change. Our collaboration with esteemed partners reflects our commitment to creating wholesome content that resonates with audiences worldwide."


Mrs.Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp Founder & Chairman of the Executive Committee of DTGO Corporation Limited and the Chairman of Buddharaksa Foundation, said, "The DTGO Corporation is dedicated to fostering a society of talented individuals with compassionate minds capable of caring for others. In pursuit of this goal, we have initiated social work through the Buddharaksa Foundation, offering educational opportunities to children and youth to nurture wisdom alongside ethical values. The animated series ‘Stima – The Wise Novice’ is a source of pride for us, serving as another collaborative project with our social partners. It aims to convey Dhamma principles and the Global Mindset concept: 'We are One – All People are Brothers and Sisters.' [KP1] Our aspiration for this animated series is to serve as a medium for learning and an opportunity to embrace cultural diversity, fostering peaceful coexistence in our global society."

Mrs. Sunantha Sornanusin, Director of Red Cross youth and Volunteer Bureau, stated that 'Stima - The Wise Novice' is an excellent animated series and is applicable in different contexts. The show's vibrant colors and modern design captivate viewers, while its content is rich with moral guidance. The Red Cross Youth and Volunteer Bureau of the Thai Red Cross Society, which engages in volunteer work with youth and educational networks, is delighted to take part in sharing and disseminating religious values through an innovative approach aiming to empower the next generation. By nurturing their goodness, the youth can make meaningful contributions to the future.”


Set against the backdrop of a picturesque temple in northern Thailand, each episode of 'Stima – The Wise Novice' promises adventure, laughter, and timeless wisdom. From thoughtful assessments to heart-to-heart talks, Stima's journey encapsulates the essence of Dhamma principles and the pursuit of goodness.


Don't miss the premiere of 'Stima – The Wise Novice' on TrueID this February 21st, with airings on True Spark Play (Channel 444) via TrueVisions starting April 4th and ALTV Channel 4 and Channel 7HD from April 6th. Engage with the series by downloading exclusive LINE Stima stickers, with proceeds supporting the production of Season 2.


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About The Vimutthayalai Foundation

The Venerable V. Vajiramedhi is the Director of the Vimuttayalaya Foundation, an alternative educational establishment for the promotion of Buddhism and World Peace. He is known for his innovative approach for Buddhist teaching and his strong advocacy for peace and compassion towards fellow human beings through the concept of “We are One, We are World”, particularly in interfaith dialogues to support refugees. He is influential among all groups in Thailand and throughout Asia. His outreach is global as he has lectured and taught mindfulness courses to both Thai and foreigners around the world.


About T&B Media Global

T&B Media Global is a leading entertainment conglomerate based in Thailand, dedicated to empowering creators and storytellers worldwide. With a vision to pioneer a new era in entertainment, T&B blends cutting-edge technologies with captivating storytelling across its diverse verticals – Talent Management, Studios, Technology, Online Content and Gaming & Immersive Experiences.


In an industry that thrives on the power of imagination, T&B Media Global is an empowering force for inspiring creators to recognize that even the smallest element, a single grain of sand, can become part of something extraordinary.


About DTGO

DTGO is a business-social integration organization founded in 1993 to generate well-being for society.


DTGO includes Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a property developer; DT Design, an architecture studio; DT Plans, a design, project management, and construction management consultancy; Dees Supreme, a global procurement and trading specialist; and DigitaLife, an e-commerce specialist.


The group is also engaged in joint ventures that promote sustainable development. Obodroid and Obotrons develop robotics technologies and automation innovations, including Home Intelligent Systems. Unisus Green Energy designs and operates environment-friendly energy and utility systems. MQDC Brite is a lifestyle and entertainment business.


DTGO allocates 2% of its topline revenue to social activities, working through organizations such as Buddharaksa Foundation and Blue Carbon Society.


For more information about DTGO, visit

About Buddharaksa Foundation

Founded by Mr. Dhanin and Khunying Tawee Chearavanont in 2002, Buddharaksa Foundation works to inspire transformative life changes among underprivileged children and youths by helping them gain well-rounded educations that instill both wisdom and compassion. The non-profit became a registered charity in Thailand in 2009 and continues to expand its impacts across the country, supported by its founders and the DTGO group. Buddharaksa Foundation scholarships keep 2,000 Thai schoolchildren in positive learning environments. The foundation also funds assistance in early childhood and vocational training for disadvantaged youths. The Art4Worth initiative provides master classes from celebrated artists for orphans and children in underprivileged communities. The non-profit’s many programs and activities together enhance education quality for 50,000 students.



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