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Dome Jaruwat Sings Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers OST.

Updated: May 21, 2021

Dome Jaruwat Cheawaram, the winner from The Star 8 and The Mask Singer singing competitions in Thailand takes on the Thai version of the original soundtrack, "Find It! Cook It! Eat It!" for "Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers" animated series by T&B Media Global.

In an interview, he says that this is one of the his dream jobs and quite challenging compared to when working on his singles. With his own music, he can be himself 100% and interprets the lyrics based on his real life experiences. But when synchronizing with cartoon characters, he has to channel the fun energy and exciting voice to represent the series better.

He also works closely with producer and music director Oh Jessada Sookdhramorn, founder of Sepia band, a 90's punk/alternative/metal/experimental band from Bangkok, who has produced concerts for many leading Thai artists. Oh Jessada thinks that Dome is the best person to sing this OST. because his voice is similar to Mick Baromvudh Hiranyasthiti's who dubs the main character's voice, Sonny and that he loves to experiment new singing techniques which makes the storytelling more engaging.

Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers is an adventure-packed animated TV series about three crazy friends who travel the world in their souped-up, sentient food truck seeking out rare ingredients to turn into exotic dishes. Led by Sonny, the fearless bear/cook who aspires to be a chef together with Andi, the genius problem-solving red panda and Tong, the social media savvy monkey influencer, the trio visits countless food destinations in their friendly green food truck, Julia to take on culinary challenges. The show will not only make food fun and cooking doable for young children, but it will also teach them about friendship, cultural differences as well as useful English vocabularies about food items, cooking techniques and geography.



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