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“Shelldon” to be available on LINE TV May 15

Following its release on Netflix, “Shelldon” a Thai animated TV series will also be available on LINE TV from May 15, 2021 onwards. Thai audience can enjoy the whole series for free through LINE TV website or simply download the application from anywhere at anytime. This marks the first collaboration between T&B Media Global and LINE TV to welcome Shellhut Entertainment’s classic Thai animation to the AVOD platform.

“Shelldon” the sea snail is an enthusiastic dreamer and wants to explore his world, both inside and outside the perimeter of Shell Land, a friendly sub-urban town situated in the shallow waters off the Andaman Islands. His best friends, Herman the hermit crab and Connie the shellfish look up to and admire his imagination and fortitude. When he is not attending school or hanging out with his friends, Shelldon spends his time planning his next explorations and taking on challenges.

A range of wild and marine life characters will invite audience of all ages, especially young kids, to go on adventures. Shelldon’s new missions of search and discovery will offer valuable life lessons such aspects of growing up, how to get along with others, surviving in an ever-changing world and more. And along his journey, he realizes that there is more to life than finding treasures, like the excitement of imagining what’s around the next bend, of searching for and discovering new things.

At the heart of each episode’s story lies the belief that there is an intrinsic goodness in everyone, and that every member of a community, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is capable of doing great things that can make a difference to others. Shelldon is a good example of someone who is true to oneself, friendship, teamwork, doing the right thing, making a difference, and more importantly, caring for the environment.

Get ready to explore LINE TV website or the mobile application on May 15, free of charge, and join Shelldon and his friends on a meaningful and timeless journey while being introduced to new, rare animal species existing in Thailand.

For more updates on “Shelldon” and other fun kids and family-friendly productions and activities, please visit T&B Kids website, Facebook Instagram: @tandb_kids or Twitter: @TandBkids_TH


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