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Fans rush to buy band’s must-have items at Last Idol Pop Up Store, Major Ratchayothin

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

The loyal fans of Last Idol Thailand flocked to the opening of the long-awaited Last Idol Pop-Up Store to purchase the bands’exclusive and must-have items from their teen idols

on the 3rd floor of Major Ratchayothin (M Space Entrance) last January 8-9, 2022.

The items include Last Idol x Lumica penlights, Last Idol 2022 calendar posters, debut stage t-shirts, towels, rubber bands, debut stage badges, debut stage keychains, photo sets, photo set album cases, debut stage lanyards, photo cases, and tote bags, indulging their fans with a wide assortment of products. Many of their fans ended up purchasing every item, delighting the members of the Last Idol Family who took turns making appearances

on stage to greet their beloved fans.



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