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“Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” by “Sharing Happiness”to Help 2,000 Local Restaurants

“Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” by “Sharing Happiness”

to Help 2,000 Local Restaurants to Supply 240,000 Meals

with Income of 20 Million Baht

Starts 19 July 2021

MQDC with Principal Healthcare Company, T&B Media Global (Thailand), EEC Engineering Network, and Buddharaksa Foundation has formed "Sharing Happiness", whose "Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” initiative will help food outlets and communities in hardship in the COVID-19 outbreak by hiring 2,000 small restaurants to supply 240,000 lunch boxes for 4 months with a budget of 20 million baht.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, lasting more than 18 months and now in a severe third phase, has put over 50,000 local restaurants out of business, leaving many without work or income as the pandemic spreads in Bangkok and its surroundings.

To help relieve this hardship, MQDC has partnered with hospitals under the Principal Healthcare Company, T&B Media Global (Thailand), EEC Engineering Network, and Buddharaksa Foundation in “Sharing Happiness”, whose “Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” initiative will provide delicious, nutritious food boxes, supporting local restaurants and communities in need in the COVID-19 outbreak.

The project will feed the community through a network of small restaurants, which will gain income for day-to-day expenses and, depending on how many outlets join the project, profits to reinvest.

Participating restaurants must be hygienic and provide high-quality food with eco-friendly containers. The number of meal boxes each eatery provides will depend on how many restaurants take part.

Representatives of people in hardship in Bangkok and its surroundings can get in touch through the same channels healthy, tasty meal deliveries. Families and individuals can receive “Sharing Happiness” boxes by post with dried food and snacks to last for 3-4 days to help everyone get through this crisis.

“Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” will operate for 4 months to provide 2,000 food boxes daily for a total of 240,000 boxes, along with 6,000 “Sharing Happiness” boxes for communities in need. The initiative will also help about 2,000 local restaurants. MQDC is providing a budget of 20 million baht for the project.

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), said that the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect communities through both rising infections and unemployment. With an uncertain outlook, many people may feel desperate, discouraged, and alone.

MQDC has initiated “Sharing Happiness” to relive hardship in the COVID-19 outbreak, working with Principal Healthcare Company, T&B Media Global (Thailand), EEC Engineering Network, and Buddharaksa Foundation. The initiative is helping communities in Bangkok and its surroundings, areas hit hard by the outbreak, and also boosting the income of small restaurants suffering in the pandemic. The project is helping about 2,000 outlets over 4 months. The goal is to help relieve suffering for 3 main groups:

  1. Communities in hardship>>”Sharing Happiness” will provide 240,000 food boxes over 4 months.

  2. Local restaurants>>”Sharing Happiness” will boost their income, aiming to help 2,000 outlets.

  3. People in need>>”Sharing Happiness” will provide 6,000 food boxes with dried food and essentials.

Dr. Athiwat Noiprasit, Chief Performance Coach, Risk and Quality Officer of Principal Company and director of Princ Suvarnabhumi Hospital, said that Princ Suvarnabhumi Hospital currently has 200 COVID-19 patients. Two hospitals hold a further 250 patients. Many asymptomatic patients are meanwhile isolating at home. Family members at high risk also have to quarantine at home. Food is a factor as well as treatment.

Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi, a part of Principal Healthcare Company, is delighted to work with MQDC, T&B Media Global (Thailand), EEC Engineering Network, and Buddharaksa Foundation in “Sharing Happiness” to assist in the COVID-19 outbreak and help restaurant operators. The hospital is happy to pass on aid to COVID-19 patients at field hospitals or quarantining at home. They can now get meals at home or pick up supplies from the post office while still receiving medical care daily through TeleHealth. If their symptoms change or worsen, patients at home will be admitted for treatment or hospitalized. The hospital has arranged red zip-lock bags for managing hazardous waste and is helping the public and patients in all aspects in the outbreak.

Mr. Ekkasitha Chalermrattawongz, Chief Production and People Officer, T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that T&B is pleased to pass on happiness through the “Sharing Happiness” project “Feed Communities, Rescue Restaurants” in collaboration with MQDC, Principal Healthcare Company, EEC Engineering Network, and Buddharaksa Foundation to support local restaurants in Bangkok and its surrounding in the COVID-19 outbreak and to also help many people in the community feed themselves.

“The government has many challenges and T&B as a private company would like to play its small part to help society and be another force to relieve the suffering of Thais in hardship in the COVID-19 outbreak. Activities under ‘Pay It Forward’ and ‘Sharing Happiness’ are organized by raising funds and receiving donations to help those who need it, such as medical staff, monks, local workers, people in need in the COVID-19 downtown, and animals that depend on tourism for care and well-being. We also plan to work with our network of entertainment partners, both artists and actors, to be another voice for people to know and have access to projects more widely.”

Dr. Wit Soontaranun, Vice Chairman of Buddharaksa Foundation, said: “Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, Buddharaksa Foundation has been working with the public and partner organizations in both the private sector and civil society to help those in need, whether with essentials, medical equipment, or protective gear. We have seen the outbreak spread, causing a widespread impact especially in low-income communities and among small entrepreneurs. The foundation is therefore delighted that MQDC, Principal Healthcare Company, T&B Media Global (Thailand), and EEC Engineering Network have initiated ‘Sharing Happiness’. The foundation is working with communities and local restaurants to spread aid as widely as possible.”

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