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How Translucia is building a $2.5 billion virtual world ecosystem with four leading global partners.

Most people are by now familiar with the metaverse as an immersive virtual world where we will meet friends in coffee shops, visit shopping malls, find beachside romance, and run businesses in ways that seem surprisingly real.

Now a leading Web.3 innovator from Thailand is ready to launch the next manifestation of the metaverse—in partnership with four world-leading partners—that promises to move from the concept of a “virtual world” to a “virtual universe” that opens a wealth of enterprise, investment, and gaming and entertainment value.

Welcome to the age of the interconnected metaverse.

Partnering with global leaders in the fields of Web.3 finance, extended reality and virtual digital design, Translucia will enable seamless integration with multiple universes—in much the way borderless travel is possible in the physical world. It’s a $2.5 billion endeavor with partners that enjoy global industry reach and expertise. Sunovatech is an Indian extended reality developer. Sygnum, based in Switzerland and Singapore, is the world’s first digital asset bank. Economics Design is a Web.3 business consultancy from Singapore. Black Flame is a China-based digital visual design specialist.

"Translucia is excited to work with leading partners from around the world and across all sectors. These partners bring their unique expertise, talent and advanced technology to help Translucia achieve its goals." says Translucia founder Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO of Thailand’s T&B Media Global.

The vision is a virtual universe connecting metaverses that provide infrastructure, utilities, financial services, luxury shopping, exotic travel—even healthcare services and derivatives trading—and more. The interconnected metaverse, therefore, can provide a new 360 degree life experience, enabling visitors and inhabitants to enjoy a true virtual universe connecting multiple real and virtual worlds.

“We’re building Translucia with a vision to provide access to a life of purpose. If we can create an environment that removes the limitations of the physical, can we all become more?” — Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Translucia founder and CEO of Thailand’s T&B Media Global.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO of Thailand’s T&B Media Global

Dr. Ahriyavraromp says that joining forces with global partners will enable Translucia to set global megatrends in both the physical and virtual domains—while driving new business models for sustainable future living, through digital twin technology.

He says the first steps into the Translucia interconnected metaverse are just around the corner: “Early next year, we'll be revealing Translucia’s unique look at the Virtual Experience, letting people experience this metaverse for the first time," says Dr. Ahriyavraromp. “It will be just a taste of the platform we are building to empower our users to make an impact in their lives and their world.”

Here is a blueprint for the Translucia vision of an interconnected metaverse to take flight:

  • Sunovatech, a developer of hyper-realistic extended reality experiences, will design a 3D virtual reality experience for the Translucia interconnected metaverse. Specializing in 3D modeling and design, the creative technology company from India has played a critical role developing 3D environments for visualizing Translucia.

  • The Singapore branch of Switzerland-based Sygnum—the world’s first digital asset bank—will contribute to establishing Translucia’s financial structure. Sygnum is a pioneer in offering “custody” digital banking—with infrastructure for dealers, tokens, lending, and asset management.

  • Economics Design—a consultancy that helps Web.3 businesses monitor crypto market designs—will work with Sygnum on the economic infrastructure for Translucia. In particular, the company will help set up the Translucia tokenomics structure and develop Web 3.0, DeFi, GameFi projects and metaverse systems.

  • Black Flame, a leading Chinese creative company specializing in visual design, will help create landscapes, avatars, architecture, environments, and holistic concepts, and also contribute to Translucia’s story creation.

  • Translucia earlier announced collaboration with two key global partners. Two Bulls is an Australian creative technology development company that will help design user experience that connects the real and the virtual worlds. Pellar Technology is an infrastructure developer and ecosystem designer.

“We’re building Translucia with a vision to provide access to a life of purpose,” says Dr. Ahriyavraromp. “If we can create an environment that removes the limitations of the physical, can we all become more?



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