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LAST IDOL THAILAND Shines on the Main Stage at THAI FESTIVAL TOkyo 2023

LAST IDOL THAILAND Shines on the Main Stage at the Prestigious International Event, THAI FESTIVAL TOKYO 2023. Spreading Freshness and Enthusiasm, Japanese Fans Cheered Loudly at Shibuya, Tokyo

Rabbit Moon Corporation Limited is a talent management company that develops high-quality artists to create international-level works. It operates under the umbrella of T&B Media Global, a world-class entertainment content producer, and is managed by Win - Methawin Angkatavanich, CEO of Rabbit Moon Corporation Limited. The company sent the girl group LAST IDOL THAILAND, affiliated with Rabbit Moon Corporation Limited, to participate in the grand international event, THAI FESTIVAL TOKYO 2023. They performed hit songs on the Main Stage, spreading a refreshing and lively atmosphere. Japanese fans cheered enthusiastically, creating an exciting ambiance. The festival, organized by G-U Creative Co., Ltd., is considered the largest Thai festival in Japan.

The adorable nine members, Knomwhan - Sujintra Phosom, Gigy- Supissara Woothisart, Remy - Irin Ronnakiat, Meemie - Pimmada Tangsi, Tonnam - Banthita Suntayarom, Saonoi - Pichsinee Itthirattanakomol, Seamoon - Punnasa Tonvicha, Highway - Siraprapha Saengphantaphanit,and Runma - Tantaya Shishida, members of LAST IDOL THAILAND, performed on the Main Stage at THAI FESTIVAL TOKYO 2023.

This festival is considered the biggest Thai festival in Japan, attracting hundreds of thousands of audiences. They performed hit songs like “Kaw-Tor-Pai” (Seishun Continues), “Fon-Dao-Tok” (MABUSHI SUGIRU NAGAREBOSHI), and "Last Ai Yoroshiku."

Their performance, combining singing and dancing, impressed the passionate fans, who sang along enthusiastically. It marked a significant achievement for LAST IDOL THAILAND on the international stage.

To conclude the event, Japanese fans had the opportunity to have a free hi-touch session and an exclusive 2-shot with the nine members of LAST IDOL THAILAND, providing them a chance to get up close and personal with the group members.


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