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“Like The Rain I Have Just Fallen For You” - Special Showcase from Last Idol THAILANd

Last Idol Thailand impressed fans with a special event “Like the Rain I Have Just Fallen for you” on 23 July,2022 at Major Ratchayothin. Fans experienced a never-seen-before showcase that members have been prepared and rehearsed for more than a month. This was a very rare opportunity for fans to be able to see the members presented their talent on the stage, including an acoustic concert from Mahnmook, Gigy, and Saonoi. Highway surprised the crowd with her talent in playing guitar. The hall is captivated by an emotional piano show from Preme. Lastly, an unexpected drum show from ChaCha.

Fans favorite shipping couple also made their appearance on the stage including Runma-Knomwhan, Remy-Jan, Grace-Goii, Meemie-Fah, and Kae-Pim.

This was a phenomenal experience for fans with the special bonus Hi-touch activity with the girls. The most unexpected part of the day was a lucky draw for chosen lucky fans that went home with a premium prize from Last Idol Thailand. This event has ended with 2 rounds of showcase that leave a smile on every face and memorable experience in every heart.

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