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M PICTURES – WORKPOINT – T&B present ‘Thunder Monk’A Comedy Featured Film, In Theater now

M Pictures, Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited and T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been co-invest in, “Thunder Monk”, a new comedy movie of the two hilarious duos, Oat Pramote Pathan and Pop Pongkool Suebsung, who will become rivals that need to escape from the karma together. Now available in every theater on April 6, 2023.

A premier gala event was held on April 5th at Paragon Cineplex with lots of honored guests and the mass media. The event started with the reputable mc, Ul Pakpoom Jongmanwattana, welcoming the guests and the mass media along with the introduction of lead actors including Oat Pramote Pathan, Pop Pongkool Suebsung, Fon Sananthachat, Carissa Springett and other actors who will make the story become even more chaotic likes Athai Klomkik, Ton Norasing (Bikeman), Ong Amnat Chaiamnat and Gus Chiangkong.

The crews talk about the fun and chaos while filming the movie that includes acting with animals, using zip lines, invading the forest, going up the hill and diving into the water. Later, Pipat Jomkoh, the film director, and Yacht Rergchai Poungpetch, the producer, took the stage to talk about working from the beginning of the production with the crews. At the event, many celebrities attended and cheered for each other, such as Cris Horwang, Panpan Sutatta, Sammy Cowell, Jackie Jacqueline, Golf Anuwat, ATLAS, 4EVE, LAST IDOL THAILAND, artists from SKYBOX ENTERTAINMENT, etc.

Lastly, the MC invited all executives from all 3 companies, namely Mr. Surachedh Assawaruenganun, Chief Executive Officer of M Pictures Entertainment Public Company Limited, Chalakorn Panyashom, Executive Committee and Chief Operating Officer of Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited, Ms. Jiraya Thongsen, Chief Marketing and Sales officer of T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Wisarut Poolvaraluk, Vice Chairman of Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited went on stage to take pictures and then watched a movie together afterwards.

"Thunder Monk"...the story of Phra Jued (Oat), a monk with an unfortunate destiny who must run away from lightning because he accidentally binds his karma with a shaman named Pak Pao (Pop) in his previous life. So, whatever kind of karma Pak Pao did, all retributions are automatically reflected to Phra Jued. Unfortunately, Pak Pao has already sworn to God that he will have only one love in his life, and if he breaks the oath, the god can punish him by striking lightning. Phra Jued was struck by this retribution and struck by lightning as well since Pak Pao broke the oath. Therefore, Phra Jued is in a hurry to stop Pak Pao who is still flirting with another girl in order to save himself from being struck by lightning to death. However, Pak Pao does not believe it. Both Phra Jued and Pak Pao had to run away from the lightning in chaos. Will this mission of Phra Jued be successful or not? Will he survive from being struck by lightning or not…Now available in theaters!



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