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Moon Man, the best year-end film from T&B Media Global, is beyond expectation!

T&B Media Global (Thailand) held a premiere event for MOON MAN. Jiraya Thongsen, the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of T&B Global Media, invited a wide range of Chinese films’ big fans including celebrities, influencers, and press agencies from all over Thailand to experience this remarkable film. There are lots of well-known celebrities that attend in this premiere event, including LAST IDOL THAILAND (My, Jan, Highway, Taln, Goii, and Pim), and Biew Kittipat Samantrakulchai, at Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon.

Speaking at the premier, most attendees said, “it was a great experience, and the film is worth waiting for”. Some said that “it was one of the best films they have seen for ages”. There are many surprising plot twists and unexpected scenes in the film that could make you excited every minute. Besides, the excellent acting of both protagonists, Shen Teng and Ma Li, could make you blush throughout the film or even cry your eyes out in the climax scene. The dubbing was done by Pantamitr Crew, the most professional dubbing crew in Thailand. With this great plot and acting, the film earned 1,700 million baht from China. Do not miss this amazing film that will bring you joy and laughter throughout the year! Now available in every theater! On December 28, 2022.

MOON MAN is the story of an astronaut who thinks that he is “the last man in the universe”. Dugu Yue (Shen Teng) finds himself stranded on the moon after an asteroid seems to wipe out life on Earth. Considering himself the only human being left, Yue spends his whimsical time living with his unrequited crush on Ma Lanxing (Ma Li), who is also his base commander. As he thought, he is the only one in the universe, Yue is not suspecting that there is another living thing that lives on the moon with him. Unexpectedly, there is a kangaroo who lives on the moon with him secretly. In fact, there are also other humans on earth who still survive from the catastrophe and have been watching him through the station's video surveillance feed all around the world!

For more information about MOON MAN, please kindly see via Facebook | Twitter | IG : T&B Media Global #MoonmanTH #HomeOfHappy #TandBMediaGlobal



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