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Opposites attract in far-fetched romantic comedy ‘Book of Love’

T&B Media Global Thailand hosted a special press preview Book of Love, at the SF World Cinema. The movie has received a lot of response and admiration from the media and many movie Facebook pages who speak in unison that it is a love movie that movie fans can watch and enjoy.

Movie story Book of Love opened with the reading of the novel The Sensible Heart by Henry Copper (Sam Claflin) in a bookstore, which was attended by only one participant. Before the event was over, the only participant left.

The bookstore then gave a promotion for the novel The Sensible Heart, buy one get three. However, it didn’t take long for Henry Copper to be contacted by a publicist, Jen Spencer (Lucy Punch), who reported that The Sensible Heart had failed in the US but was selling well in Mexico.

So he was flown there to visit Mexico City and Palenque. The Mexican version of The Sensible Heart is translated by Maria Rodriguez (Veronica Echegui). Arriving there, Henry is picked up by Maria with his grandfather, Max (Fernando Bece), and his son, Diego (Ruy Gaytan).



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