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Pitch Karchai Joined "DOG BUDDY DAY & SPeCial Screening DOG movie"

T&B Media Global (Thailand) hosted the event DOG BUDDY DAY & SCREENING DOG movie. A heart-wrenching project of young actor Channing Tatum tells the story of the adventures across America of a soldier and a Belgian Malinois. To commemorate the last journey with his beloved dog.

“DOG” comedy-road movie the directorial debut of Hollywood's leading superstar, Channing Tatum, is now available in cinemas on February 17 T&B Media Global has arranged a special screening for the audience to bring their beloved dog to watch movies together at the Eastville Cineplex on Sunday February 13th. Join in with fun activities. The Malinois training show showcases the talents of the intelligent and intelligent Malinois. DOG GURU THAILAND finds fans of dog breeds to win prize money. A handsome young artist, Pitch Karchai, who brought his beloved dog Samoyed, Nong Friday which attracted the attention of the guests at the event.

The Voice Foundation (our voice) was also provided courtesy of JerHigh Dog Food. It is a food product worth 100,000 baht, which the Foundation will use to help stray dogs and cats in the future. Called this event not only filled with happiness and fun from movie fans and their trusty dogs. But it is also a charity event for dogs and cats as well.



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