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ShellHut joins hands with Chula Mooc to Raise awareness of environmental conservation

Shellhut joins hands with Chulalongkorn University to bring “Shelldon” into online courses

Raise awareness of environmental conservation For learning to solve sustainable problems

Shellhut Entertainment Company Limited, together with Chulalongkorn University, held the event “Shelldon, World Conservation Substitute Marine Pollution ” by bringing the Shelldon Animation Series content into one of the content that provides knowledge about marine environment throughThe popular online course, CHULA MOOC, has a shared intention to make everyone aware of environmental problems. And learning to solve sustainable problems at Pegasus Building, Floor 5, Building 101 True Digital Park on November 21, 2022

In the event, PK Piyawat Khemphet to be the host. which the PK itself In addition to having previously voiced Herman, Shelldon's best friend, Herman Crab. And also cared and aware of the environment as well. PK has said that This project is an interesting project. And it's very worthwhile to enroll in this course because it captures the environmental events that happened in Shellland. It has been arranged into a set of knowledge according to academic principles by the faculty. and academics renowned nationally and internationally to make it simple, interesting and accessible to the general public easily. Especially the new generation of youth who will be an important force in caring and preserving the environment in the future. By distributing through Chula's online teaching platform or CHULA MOOC, which is a great synergy in developing innovative environmental education. Previously, the cooperation was announced in 2021.

“Shelldon” is a Thai craft animation created by Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp CEO & Founder Shellhut Entertainment Company Limited, which has been successful in Thailand. And has been screened on NBC, USA, including more than 180 countries around the world. Ready to be translated to more than 35 languages with cute characters. Fun story With knowledge about marine life And has remained in the minds of the audience for 14 years, along with being chosen as an environmental ambassador who continues to pass on environmental knowledge to date.

For this reason, Prof. Dr. Supot Techavorasinsakul, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Chulalongkorn University which believes that everyone has the right to learn and can learn throughout life has realized the importance of building cooperation In the form of bringing the content of the animated series Shelldon. Become one of the content to educate about the marine environment. Through the popular online course like CHULA MOOC until it was born as a project Shelldon invites young people to save the world. The issue of marine pollution

Dr. Jawanwat, as the creator of Animation Shelldon, revealed that he was very pleased with Shelldon's story. Especially events related to the environment Has been developed into a knowledge set according to academic principles by the faculty National and global scholars The presentation is interesting, fun, and accessible to the general public. Especially the new generation of youth who will be an important force in caring and preserving the environment in the future.

In addition, in the learning documentation the team has designed content and exercises to reach young children who can learn together with adults within the family. Or older children who can also learn by themselves, which Dr.Jwanwat hopes that the Shelldon 3E project will be part of a joint solution to the marine environment. Through the creation of knowledge, awareness and love in the sea in order to inspire change in behavior in living to be environmentally friendly And have public mind in Continue to maintain the sea to be sustainable

Another important highlight of the event was the Environmental Education Talk session with a joint discussion between Dr. Nattawin Chawalertpornsiya, Director of Industrial Liaison Pro-gram (ILP), Faculty of Engineering. Chulalongkorn University, Prof. Dr. Suchana Chawanich Lecturer, Department of Marine Science Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University, Khun Sumana Kajornwattanakul, Director of Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Institute, and Khun Kanin Kaewin, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Consultant, Shellhut Entertainment Company Limited. environmental issues and cooperation between Chulalongkorn University and Shellhut Entertainment Company Limited to develop online teaching materials on environmental education. Which is considered a point and has inspired everyone in the event. Including creating awareness and wanting to take part in saving the world together

Interested students can start studying from December 15, 2022 onwards. #Shelldon3E #Shelldon #ShellhutEntertainment #TandBKids #CU #CU #CUMOOC #MOOC #FreecoursesChula #Studyandgetacertificate #MarinePollution

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