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T&B Announces Translucia, the World’s First Metaverse Built for Good

14 March 2023, Bangkok – Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO & Founder of T&B Media Global (Thailand) and Founder of Translucia and Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Chairman of the Board of Directors - MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited) have announced Translucia their “Infinite Universe of Interconnected Metaverses,” combining advanced Web3 technologies into a massive platform where a limitless number of metaverses can co-exist and seamlessly connect.

Dr. “Tan” Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO & Founder of T&B Media Global (Thailand) and Founder of Translucia, said “Translucia is being developed as a platform that seamlessly unites the virtual and real worlds, designed with safety for both the public and private sectors to create endless opportunities in the next iteration of the internet.

Translucia’s development will be an important milestone for T&B’s entertainment projects, extending the lifetime value of T&B’s Intellectual Properties (IP’s) while creating a platform where audiences can interact with the stories they love, and help create the worlds they are dreaming for.”

MQDC, a leading international property developer in Thailand, and Translucia’s first partner, recently announced MQDC Idyllias, opening the way to creating a new paradigm in real estate development by bridging the real and virtual worlds.

Mr. Bhak Tanta-Nanta, Deputy CEO of T&B Media Global (Thailand), said that T&B's business focuses on four core investment verticals: talent management, content creation, including live and animated projects, technological innovations and traditional investments.”

T&B Media Global (Thailand), established in 2016, and its sister company, Shellhut Entertainment, are known for Shelldon, Thailand’s first and only animated series to air on NBC in the United States. The series has been broadcasted in over 180 countries and translated into more than 35 languages.

T&B has invested in developing a 360 entertainment ecosystem consisting of talent management, concert promotion and events with its companies Last Idol Thailand and World Artists Thailand, movie development, packaging and distribution AI, Cinelytic, streaming platforms SMO and Binge, gaming and tech developer Tree Roots Entertainment. We are a 360-degree entertainment company that strives to develop products that meet the needs of consumers.” said Mr. Tanta-Nanta.

Mr. Athid Nanthawaroon, Executive Director of Translucia, said: “Many people may feel that the metaverse is distant and wonder whether it is relevant to a specific group only? Or is it just a game? How can it be valuable or useful to our daily lives? These questions will likely be raised if we view it as simply a technology or platform. Translucia is developing a concept of helping people find purpose and achieving happiness.”

Mr. Nanthawaroon added: “The metaverse is a blending of multiple Web3 technologies, and with new thinking, an interconnected metaverse can open up new opportunities for businesses. “By leveraging Web3 to create new use cases and to expand existing ecosystems into the future, Translucia can create positive impact in our world. This doesn’t mean changing the whole world, but it's about inspiring and empowering people to create positive change, sharing that with others, and creating something powerful, impactful and sustainable.” He also continued, “We’re grateful to have opportunities to discuss with other Web3 visionaires like Tonomus, a global technology leader, Animoca Brands, a global developer and investor in Web3, the Impact District, a metaverse developer from Cyprus, and Band Protocol, a company specializing in cross-chain data oracle services, and we have been fortunate enough to call them friends.”



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