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T&B Give Back Day, October 2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

October 20, T&B Media Global and Affiliates organized an October Give Back Day event that allows members of the organization to enjoy many activities throughout the day!!

By organizing an external workshop which is a lecture on the topic "Be healthy and good life" by Dr. Sittha Likitnukul (Doctor Golf) to give knowledge and a fun workshop to the members.

Internal Workshop activities with the game "Night Hunter" hunt monsters with excitement.

We Are Family Meeting activity that gives new members the opportunity to introduce themselves to the T&B family, as well as updates on the past month's work performance from various departments and affiliates.

Finished off with a Mini Party under the theme of Halloween. Enjoy lots of food. as well as various games such as bingo, karaoke, or e-Sports like ROV that create hilarity, fun and laughter. It is to recharge the energy for everyone to continue to work happily.



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