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T&B Launches “Translucia” Metaverse, a Major Virtual World Project, and Partnered with MQDC

Through rapid technological development that unleashes limitless imagination, connecting the real and digital realms, leading companies are looking to create virtual worlds.

T&B Media Global (Thailand), led by Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, its CEO and Founder, is an entertainment company with knowledge, expertise, and creativity across many fields, recently investing through a subsidiary in a NASDAQ-listed firm. T&B Media Global has now launched the "Translucia" Metaverse, Thailand’s first such virtual world. First-stage investment of THB10 billion will lead to an ultimate value of at least THB100 billion.

“The Metaverse is a new global Megatrend that we’re now bringing to the business sector, including social development,” said Dr. Ahriyavraromp.

“I’m confident that the business world will be revolutionized, becoming a magical realm where anything can be achieved and everyone is happy and well. It will allow people to build sustainable new careers. Translucia will be a virtual world that realizes all our dreams.

“Translucia will contribute to society and business, transforming how we experience life. The connection between the real and virtual worlds will bring a new economy. A variety of innovations and advanced technologies will combine with imagination and creativity to give everyone a new experience, seamlessly connecting work, socializing, entertainment, and other activities. The metaverse will be a gateway to the sustainable, high-quality society we all seek.”

Translucia’s first partner is the leading property developer MQDC, led by Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, which will develop projects in the metaverse.

Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), said: “The metaverse will drive and transform business in every sector, from entertainment to real estate, retail, and even healthcare. Industries and businesses will be able to use the metaverse as a tool to create new business divisions, to add market value and create solutions in all dimensions, including a good society beyond our imagination.”

MQDC will be the first property developer in Translucia. It will develop a city in this virtual world as it prepares to create a new entity, MQDC Metaverse, responsible for urban development and virtual real estate projects.

“MQDC Metaverse will be the world's first real estate company to establish and develop a connection between real-world and virtual projects. What can’t happen in the real world will take place in this virtual world. We intend to make this virtual world a beautiful world with imagination, happiness, and a warm community. We can also invent new experiences for customers and service users. Customers can own a house or condominium in both the real and the virtual worlds, with associated benefits. This will allow us to create a world of happiness, sustainnovation, and well-being in perfect harmony.”

T&B Media Global (Thailand) has established a subsidiary, Tree Roots Entertainment Group, and a venture builder team, Wasabi Global Innovation Ventures, to develop the Translucia metaverse.

You can follow the development and progress of the Translucia metaverse and Thailand’s first metaverse community at and Facebook/TheMetaverseThailand


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