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T&B Media Global and MQDC unite behind ‘Translucia’.

While discussion of tomorrow’s digital metaverse society dominates feeds and headlines, its construction is already underway in Thailand. The Translucia metaverse is an expansive and complex mix of blockchain and distributed computing integrated into persistent 3D virtual worlds. These new worlds will allow for social and economic exchanges through shared and open experiences and is being engineered by entertainment company T&B Media Global.

“Translucia will contribute to, and balance, society and the economy by transforming how we live and experience life,” says Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and Founder of the Bangkok-headquartered firm. “Like other metaverses, Translucia is the integration of a variety of innovations and advanced technologies combined with imagination and creativity to create new experiences that seamlessly connect all aspects of their lives in a virtual world. But unlike other metaverses, Translucia is designed to create happiness in the world. It is driven by an engine that we envision will exchange goodness into happiness and wealth. In this sense, “goodness” is defined as being good to others, to the world, and to yourself.”

While Facebook, Tencent and Microsoft are building their respective versions of the metaverse, T&B Media Global has made a first-stage investment of $295 million in Translucia. It expects its ultimate value to prove tenfold. Digital ground broke in September 2021 through the subsidiary Tree Roots Entertainment Group.

The Translucia metaverse promises to be transformative: A fully immersive space where social media, collaborative work, virtual markets, and entertainment break free from traditional screens, drawing millions of people to live, play, earn and spend within.

Powering this virtual world will require, at minimum, the development of a distributed, 5G-powered cloud processing backbone. For its robust markets and transaction-based economy to function, Translucia is devising essential blockchain data processing structures. It is also developing unique functionalities with human interface devices alongside the spatial processing systems necessary for full world immersion.

While the immersive nature of the metaverse lends itself to XR technology (augmented and virtual reality), Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp says they are also designing for traditional devices such as computers and smartphones “to ensure that the next iteration of the internet remains accessible and available to all.”

Translucia’s first virtual worlds will be built in partnership with real estate developer Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, or MQDC. With a portfolio including some of Thailand’s most iconic residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, Bangkok-headquartered MQDC is a founding partner in the Tree Roots Entertainment Group.

The value of virtual assets is exploding, whether for NFT-powered sports memorabilia and artworks or coveted items in gaming worlds which are now fetching millions. The public scale of the metaverse presents enormous opportunities in digital real estate.

In addition to the demand for premium properties to entertain, brand, and house their digital assets, commercial entities will be drawn to tap the market’s limitless brand possibilities. Brisk business can be expected in the storefronts of cyberspace, and Translucia is open for partnerships to capitalize on the predicted rush.


"What can’t happen in the real world will take place in this virtual world."

Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Founder and Executive Chairman, MQDC


Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, MQDC’s Founder and Executive Chairman, adds that Translucia is consistent with her company’s commitment to “sustainnovation.” “We can also invent new experiences for customers and service users. Customers can own a house or condominium in both the real and the virtual worlds, with associated benefits.”

She believes the consumer adoption of digital asset classes – virtual properties, NFTs, crypto – presents “new horizons of opportunity for our clients and partners”.

“I’m confident that our world will be revolutionary, becoming a magical realm where anything can be achieved, and everyone finds meaning and new opportunities because we’re focusing on the happiness and well-being of our users online and offline,” T&B’s Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp said.


"It will allow people to build the place they are dreaming of. Translucia will be a virtual world that realizes all our dreams."

Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO, T&B Media Global


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