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T&B to Announce Collaborations with Top Entertainment Chinese Partners at SIFF 2021

Bangkok (June 17th, 2021) – During the 2021 Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), T&B Media Global Group will hold a product and strategy conference at Super Brand Mall, Shanghai on June 17th, 2021, to reveal some of its latest key projects, unique IPs and new partnerships with major media and entertainment companies in China.

This year, SIFF has more than 4,000 registered film entries from over 100 countries around the world. During the festival, T&B Media Global Thailand, in collaboration with T&B Media Global China, will hold a press conference to introduce the latest partnerships with some of the top tier companies in the Chinese entertainment and cultural industry, under the theme of “Sharing Happiness” which is aligned to T&B's main vision of creating content to "Vibrate Happiness" to audiences of all ages across the world.

At the event, T&B will announce collaborations with top tier entertainment and cultural companies in China, namely:

SCG Pictures, a subsidiary of Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Group, Shaanxi's leading entertainment production company, to jointly develop content, products and merchandise developed under the concept of “Silk Road & Journey to the West.”

Wanda Pictures, a giant Chinese entertainment company with the largest number of cinemas in China, will jointly create content with positive messages to market and distribute throughout the country.

Sunac Culture, one of the most focused companies in the Chinese entertainment industry, is also among China’s top four real estate developers, is the largest theme park operator, and one of the largest film production and distribution companies in the country whose latest animated film, “Wish Dragon” was an international hit. T&B and Sunac Culture will work together in depth to co-develop IP’s that will be integrated into theme parks with robust licensing and merchandising opportunities.

Stanley Tong, director of many critically acclaimed films and frequent film collaborator with Jackie Chan, will co-produce a slate of blockbuster projects for the global stage.

In addition, T&B will present strategies and plans for the development and management of a comprehensive 360-degree IP ecosystem, including promoting international animation projects that will be released to the global market in the near future. In the live-action category, the feature film “Start It Up” is a co-production film between T&B and SMG Pictures and WingsMedia (Oriental Pearl Group is the listed company of Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai’s largest media platform) and will also be released by the end of this year.

This conference will announce T&B’s partnerships and investments in creating quality productions in China, it also reinforces the confidence of T&B in the Chinese film and animation market as a market to invest in, and worth keeping an eye on.



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