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The Forestias Story & Beyond , where the real world and the virtual world come together

10 June 2023, Bangkok – MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation), one of Thailand’s leading property developers, today, shared the latest update on its theme project The Forestias being readied for next year’s initial opening after more than four years of developing a wide range of residential projects and a forest in a one-of-a-kind concept.

Good progress is being made on the development of the forest and a variety of residential concepts at a project which is turning imagination into reality. Visitors to the event titled ‘The Forestias Story & Beyond: The Immersive Experience of Imagine Happiness’ can experience to the full life and a lifestyle beyond imagination.

The Forestias: A Town Hall Meeting in The Forest

Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, MQDC’s President responsible for the The Forestias, said the event is like an immersive theme park to show the progress of all the branded residential developments at The Forestias such as Whizdom The Forestias, Mulberry Grove The Forestias, The Aspen Tree The Forestias, Six Senses Residences The Forestias as well as the Six Senses hotel and Hotel Indigo. There is also a preview of sample units in virtual reality of the latest residential development launched at the project - The Forestias Signature Series.

In addition to sharing the progress of the main developments and residences at The Forestias, the company also unveiled the Happitat, the most recent component that will help The Forestias serve the diverse needs of all groups, of all genders and ages. With a new concept, the Happitat will function as a space to deliver a new kind of experience covering lifestyle, entertainment, dining and shopping and offering spaces for lifestyle and cultural activities to bring to life happiness beyond imagination.

Happitat: A Year in a Day at Happitat

One of the highlights of the event on the A Year in a Day at Happitat stage is the unveiling of the latest component called the Happitat.

Ms. Orada Kerdhong, President of Storied Place Management which is responsible for the Happitat, said that the Happitat is being developed to be a new destination to create happy experiences for visitors of all generations.

The Happitat starts at the front of The Forestias and spans 211,200 square metres. Inside the Happitat, there are also lifestyle spaces, including an Event Hall across 4,000 square metres, and a 10-storey office building with a floor area of over 61,900 square metres. All components of Happitat are designed to be unique to make it a Magical Theme Destination that appeals to all generations and all groups.

She said, “The name ‘Happitat’ is created by mixing together the words ‘Happiness’ as well as ‘Habitat’ to communicate that it is a place where everyone can spend lots of time and be happy, every day. Everybody can come to spend time, carry out various activities, work, or shop for their favourite items, and enjoy themselves as they desire to the full.”

The developer is also planning to make the Happitat an Immersive Physical Experience where the real world and the virtual world come together and which will support omni-channel activities of the various partners at the Happitat.

The Forestias Mettaverse: Fly Through Layers of Happiness

Also presented at the event is the concept of connecting residential developments in the real and virtual worlds together through The Forestias Mettaverse, which is being developed by MQDC Idyllias.

Mr. Parut Penpayap, Chief Executive Officer, MQDC Idyllias, said The Forestias Mettaverse is the first property by MQDC to have a digital twin in the Idyllias universe.

The Forestias Mettaverse utilises a wide range of technologies, including AR, VR, blockchain and Internet of Things to enable life in the virtual world. It also focuses on doing good, as well as promoting learning and sharing in line with MQDC’s philosophy of doing things for All Well-being. As part of The Forestias Mettaverse, gamification, entertainment and privileges are designed for residents, customers, communities and visitors to join in many virtual-world activities, as well as open opportunities for partners at various establishments to offer their services through an additional dimension that can add convenience to residents and visitors as well as expand the business of the service providers.

At the event, progress on the development of Translucia was also shared in an exciting way. Translucia is the platform for an infinite number of metaverses, and where Idyllias is one of the metaverses on the Translucia platform. Translucia is developed by T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd., with the aim of building a virtual world of happiness that promotes care for the natural world as well as doing good together.

The Forestias

Spanning an area of 398 rai (approximately 64 hectares) in the rapidly developing Eastern Economic Corridor, The Forestias features an extraordinary 30-rai (approximately 4.8 hectares) forest at the centre of the development with a 1.6-kilometre forest canopy walkway weaving through the forest. It has large areas of parkland, residential properties under multiple brands that appeal to different lifestyles and age-groups, as well as numerous community and commercial components with a focus on healthy living and environmental quality.


About The Forestias

The Forestias is the “Enchanted Community District in The Forest” developed under the concept of “Imagine Happiness”. The project is the world’s first where nature, animals, and people live together in a healthy, high-quality environment where all generations enjoy sustainable happiness.

The Forestias as a “Happy Living Community for Intergeneration” will give residents their best lives, tackling the world’s social and environmental challenges through design that encompasses every dimension, both nature and innovation, with ecofriendly utilities and extensive green spaces and forest to restore a complete ecosystem.

The Forestias is at Bangna-Trad KM7 on an area of 398 rai. The green district’s amenities include residential projects, a business district, a 6-star boutique hotel, a community and family center, movie theaters, shops, restaurants, offices, a medical and healthcare center, an innovation center, a community area, a museum and learning center, and an extensive forest ecosystem.

About Happitat by MQDC

Happitat is a new themed destination of happiness beyond imagination with amenities for all generations and every lifestyle.

Alongside its innovative selection of shops and restaurants Happitat offers thrilling activities, events, and entertainment. A special “Immersive Phygital Experience” adds to the joy in a destination where residents and visitors will find enduring happiness.

Where miracles of happiness happen every day…

About The Forestias Mettaverse

The Forestias Mettaverse extends into the virtual world the world's first urban district where all generations and natural ecosystems co-exist happily. The real and virtual worlds are safely and seamlessly connected to complete the ultimate lifestyle at The Forestias.

The Forestias Mettaverse has 4 layers. Each offers its own unique activities to enhance life for residents of The Forestias, providing the finest experiences to create enduring happiness.

About MQDC Idyllias

MQDC Idyllias is a metaverse project being developed by MQDC Metaverse, a subsidiary of the international property developer MQDC.

MQDC Metaverse will help MQDC achieve its mission as a purpose-driven developer to support sustainable innovation and aid society under its philosophy of “For All Well-Being”.

Following the project’s announcement in 2021, MQDC Metaverse began a collaboration last year with Accenture. The leading global professional services company will help develop the concept and overall structure of MQDC Idyllias.

This collaboration will help MQDC start its next chapter as an innovation leader in real estate. It will also enable MQDC to provide a seamless experience in MQDC Idyllias, where the real and virtual worlds will fully connect.

About Translucia

Translucia is the ‘interconnected metaverse’ founded and developed by Translucia, a metaverse developer under T&B Media Global (Thailand). Translucia is developing the complete infrastructure and ecosystem to support and connect metaverses. Through its subsidiary Translucia Global Innovation, the company has invested USD100 million to develop the Metaverse R&D Center in Melbourne, Australia.



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