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The French ambassador and his wife honored Notre-Dame on Fire Thailand Movie Premiere NIGHT

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Released and now in cinemas. It is also a movie that fans are very interested in NOTRE-DAME ON FIRE with the NOTRE-DAME ON FIRE THAILAND MOVIE PREMIERE held at Paragon Cineplex. At the event was honored by Mr.Thierry Mathou, French Ambassador to Thailand, and his wife, along with Mr. Sylvain Bano, Director of Alliance Française Bangkok, with Mr.Peerapol Treelertkul, Chief Financial Officer of T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. welcomed.

At the event, an activity is provided Virtual Reality for the guests that when wearing it, it would be like standing in a NOTRE-DAME cathedral, creating great excitement for the players. Because it is a spectacular sight beautiful and realistic. It gives the impression that you have visited an old Catholic church in Paris.

Many people who came to the event opened their hearts and thought that the cathedral was like the heart of the French, who have to face their losses. The audience, including the media, says "realistic movies" and votes their scores on a spectacular production.

It can be said to be the culmination of a huge, mega-project of the great French director Jean-Jacques Annaud, the mastermind of Enemy at the Gates. Directing and making movies that the

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Dec 26, 2022

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